The Cash In


Are you a live betting enthusiast? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, are you thrilled by the adrenaline rushes you get when betting while the sport event is unfolding? It's therefore the excitement linked to live events that kindles your passion.

Don't wait any longer and choose a betting technique that is appropriate and very efficient: the cash in method.

The Cash in method

Among the multiple sports betting techniques, the cash in method is the one that suits you. You are going to be astonished: this gambling technique allows you to cash or withdraw a part of your bet before the end of the sport event you have forecast.

Master this strategy in order to maximise your profits and you'll be able to win a lot of money on a football match, a tennis tournament a motorcycle rally, etc.

cashin-2Gamble on a live bet, whatever the sport is. The cash in method is based on the variation of odds for this bet: your strategy must therefore be based on this change of odds as well. You can then master any sudden shift in the situation. You become the master of chance.

The cash in method allows you to secure your stake during the whole length of the bet: you can withdraw it when you are losing your bet.

During a sport event opposing two teams, you have three possibilities for your bet: team 1 wins, team 2 wins or the teams draw. A classic sports bet forces you to choose only one of those three options, but with the cash in method you can bet on the two outcomes that appear to be the most likely for this event.

How to use it?

It's when you study the variations of odds that the cash in method works wonders. In order to use this sports betting technique, you should choose the two smallest odds for an event.

For instance, if it's live betting on a football match, choose the one that is forecast with a small number of goals. However, you need to compare the odds with your stake: the odds must be higher so that you can increase your chances of getting your deposit back. Then, you bet the same thing for two events that you believe are the most likely to happen during the game.


Let's illustrate this cash in theory with a situation of live betting on a football match with odds of 3. You choose to bet on a draw at half-time. However, after 35 minutes in the game, the odds for the match decrease because the score is still a draw. Don't hesitate to withdraw your stake at this moment: the odds have lost value and your initial stake therefore increased in units.

The amount of the benefit you made thanks to the cash in method is calculated with the following formula: (initial odds / current odds) x stake.