It is a technique based on the discrepancy between the odds offered by several bookmakers for a specific event.

Therefore, the gambler will have the opportunity to bet and consequently make a profit that is guaranteed and secure (in theory), hence the name Surebet. The greater the difference between the odds is, the more important the profit generated by the Surebet will be.


Actually, sports betting sites generally offer different odds for the same event. This is therefore an occasion to bet on all possible results. These discrepancies allow you to make a guaranteed profit for at least one result.

In most cases, this technique offers a benefit that isn't huge but that is guaranteed and secure.

Registering with at least two bookmakers remains a necessary condition to bet.


It is a mathematical formula that consists in adding up the sum of the opposite of the odds. If the result of the operation is lower than 1, it's a Surebet.


Let 3 odds: X, Y and Z, corresponding to the highest 1N2 odds offered by two bookmakers for the same event.

Surebet = (1 / X) + (1 / Y) + (1 / Z). If the result is below 1, it is a Surebet.

It is also worth noting that a Surebet can be made with 2 odds.

Spotting a Surebet

It is not easy for a gambler to spot a Surebet considering the multitude of existing events, as well as the evolution of odds which never stop changing.

Nevertheless, some free online services offer odd comparators, which can guide the gambler.

Live Surebet

Without having to register on several bookmakers sites, you can bet, safely this time, on a live "close" match. In that case, you always need to make a Surebet, despite variations in odds.

Tips to remember

Our team wishes to remind you of a few important instructions, with the sole purpose of guiding you and helping you save time:

  • Use statistics
  • Take advantage of bonuses
  • Use free services
  • Have a precise idea of how much you want to bet
  • Create several accounts on at least two bookmakers
  • Use our odds comparator
  • Don't bet all your money in one go
  • Bet little but on several events

If you follow the advice offered by 1001 bookmakers, your chances to win with a Surebet are more secure.