Method 3 of 9


Sports betting doesn't hold any secrets for you anymore? That's what you think. There are always new online betting tricks to discover!

Do you want to keep earning more? Resort to the 3 of 9 method.

the 3 of 9 method

The days are over when you could take advantage of half-time during a football match to grab a drink or something. From now on, half-time is a crucial moment for the most exciting of your forecasts.

The 3 of 9 sports betting strategy consists in betting on results at half-time and at the end of the match. We are talking about football, but you can very well use this method for rugby or other matches: you need to find the result at half-time, but also the final result.

You must be wondering where the name of 3 of 9 method comes from? If you bet on results at half-time and at the end of the match, you have 9 possible results to choose from. You need to choose 3... of 9.

Choosing those 3 results is of course fundamental, but there's more to it. This betting technique is mainly based on the match itself, which will determine the profitability of your bet.

How to use it?

How do you choose 3 results among the 9 you are presented with? When using the 3 of 9 method, you keep only the three smallest odds among the 9 results. Remember that results with the smallest odds are those which are most likely to happen. Here is a tip to be successful with this sports betting strategy: among the 3 results you choose, the best two odds must be over 4 and the third smallest odds must be over 2.

Be careful and don't get caught up in the game of chance: adjust the amount of your bet according to the odds for the results.


Now that you have a foolproof theory, it's time for the art of practice. Let's illustrate this sports betting technique with a concrete example.

You chose to bet on a football match opposing Italy to Spain. You spot the three results with the smallest odds, for half-time and for the end of the match: 4.75 for Italy winning at half time and at the end of the match, 4.20 for a draw at half-time and Italy winning the match, 3 for Spain winning both at half-time and at the end of the match.

You bet a total amount of £40. For the first result, you bet £10. If your bet is correct, your profits are calculated this way: £10 x 4.75 – the benefits on your initial stake of £40 => £7.50. You then use this reasoning for the other 2 results.