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Are you passionate about online sports betting as well? Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it's time for you to become a gambling master. Develop an unbeatable strategy that allows you to win a lot of money.

Are you lost in this maze of techniques? Favour simplicity and efficiency in order to optimise your chances to win: choose the 2 of 3 method.

the 2 of 3 method

On a football pitch, a basketball court, a rugby field or even an athletics track, bet with the foolproof 2 of 3 technique.

The name wasn't chosen at random, as you probably guessed. This sports betting method allows you to bet on 2 of 3 possible results for a sport event: team 1 wins, teams 2 wins or it's a draw between both teams.

Therefore, you significantly increase your chances to win money and generate a benefit. It is nevertheless necessary to have risk-taking tendencies to excel in this sports betting strategy: indeed, betting in this way puts you at risk of losing the totality of your stake in case you fail.

How to use it?

After theory, it's time for practice. Here are a few online betting tricks to set yourself up as one of the best sports gamblers! You can resort to this 2 of 3 technique by using a sport event that leads to three possible results.

Bet on minimal odds such as 1.75. The 2 of 3 method allows you to optimise your chances of generating a benefit.


Let's take an example in order for you to familiarise yourself with this sports betting strategy:

You decide to bet on a football match opposing France to England. In this case, you can consider three options for the match result: France wins, England wins or the teams draw. According to the forecasts offered by your bookmaker, France is favourite. The odds assigned to a victory for France are precisely of 1.75. For a draw, the odds are 3.20, while they rise to 4.6 for an English victory.

Therefore, you bet on the two results that are most likely: £2 on a French victory and £1 on a draw. If France wins, you get 2 x 1.75 – 3 (3 being the total amount of your bet), i.e. £0.50. On the other hand, if there's a draw, you win £0.20 if you follow the same reasoning. If England wins though, you lose your £3 stake.