Hawks martingale


What's the secret for successful online sports betting? You need to master the techniques in order to develop a foolproof strategy.

Those with risk-taking tendencies should for instance familiarise themselves with what is called "rising" methods, which mainly consist in increasing the stakes in case of defeat, in order to try and recoup their losses as much as possible.

Among those rising methods, Hawks rising, also known as Hawks martingale, is fundamental.

What strategy is hidden behind this scholarly term? It's very simple in theory and thrilling in practice.

Double your stake in case of defeat: repeat this technique until you have a winning deal and can generate a benefit from a unit.

How to use it?

Hawks rising is adapted to sports betting odds, according to the sport you chose. For every lost bet, use this martingale and define, in units, the stake you wish to put down, depending on the odds of the chosen result.

Don't forget that the stake you put down, when multiplied by the odds of the chosen result, must be at least one unit over the total of your lost stakes during the game.

Example on how to use it

In practice, here is an illustration of this Hawks rising technique:

You are facing an initial loss of 1 unit for odds of 3.0. You then need to generate a benefit in the second round: the odds for the second round are 1.5. You then choose to bet 4 units in order to guarantee a benefit of one unit (4 x 1.5 = 6 units, minus the stake you put down during the first round and the one put down in the second round, which results in a benefit of one unit). You lose again in the second round.

Don't panic: the third round offers odds of 3: the calculation shows us that you need 3 units to generate a benefit on the total of three rounds.

To become an expert at this Hawks martingale method, apply the following formula: stake = (sum of the losses in the series + desired benefit) / (chosen odds – 1)