Financial Management of Jim Feist


Don't forget that sports betting is first and foremost a matter of money. While comparing odds and developing a gambling strategy is primordial, knowing how to manage your portfolio is even more imperative. A good gambler like you must know how to play the role of a banker perfectly. With the Jim Feist method, you will manage your bankroll to perfection.

Your goal being to maximise your profits, it's all about betting as efficiently as possible and covering the risk of losing your profits.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert at online sports betting, don't wait any longer and follow our tips: start with one of the most popular sports betting techniques, Jim Feist's financial management.

How to apply this technique

Keep in mind two golden rules if you want to make the most of Jim Feist's financial management. First of all, before you bet, you should stop asking yourself how much you wish to bet but how much you can bet. It's essential for you to set a working capital that allows you to cover the risks of failure.

Moreover, in order for you to manage this financial reserve of yours, sort your bets according to their risk level.

Set a limit: each bet you make must always remain under 5% of your working capital.

Example of Jim Feist's manageMENT

Here's an illustration of the performance of this sports betting management technique. You first determine the amount of your working capital and set it at £100 according to your budget. You then need to sort out your bets.

How do you determine the risk level of your bets?

Use the odds assigned to your bet as a reference: if it's under 1.1, put your bet among the most secure and so on and so forth until you reach odds over 2, which are among the most risky. Then, match these rankings with percentages of your working capital: 5% being the highest you can go and representing the safest bet.

Short reckonings make long bets... It's your move!