The Odds


The gambler rightfully believes more in his chances of profit than in his loss. Therefore, in order to win more money with online betting, you first need to know the odds bookmakers offer for the bets, compare them and, finally, bet.

There are three types of odds, which are the following:

European odds

It's the type of odds that is the simplest, clearest and most well-known, with the profit of a bet being a decimal number. This method allows you to know the profit quickly.


For a stake of £10 with odds of 1.5, the profit in case of victory will be £15 (i.e. 10 x 1.5).

English odds

The profit of the bet is calculated as a fraction. This type of odds can be turned into European odds by adding the number 1.


For a stake of £10 with odds of 3/5, the profit in case of victory will be £16 (i.e. odds of 1 + 3/5 = 1.6).

American odds

It is expressed either as negative odds or negative number, with the following formula: Stake x (1 + 100/American odds).


For a stake of £10 with odds of -125, the profit will be £18 (i.e. 10 x (1 + 100/125)). With positive odds or positive number, the formula is: Stake x (1 + American odds/100).


For a stake of £20 with odds of +125, the profit will be £45 (i.e. 20 x (1 + 125/100)).

Comparing odds

No matter what the type of odds chosen by the bookmakers is, odds remain the multiplying coefficient of the gambler's stake, while the result of the product is the profit of a good forecast. Make a choice between the types of bets and calculate your profit before betting. Compare the different offers from bookmakers, who are taking advantage of the competition.

Nevertheless, don't be interested only in the odds, but experience the sport event by studying it and analysing it, so that you can make a better forecast.

  • With sports betting, including football, the smallest the odds of the bets, the most likely the result is, but that also means you win less money in case of victory.
  • When the odds of the bet are higher, the risk is also higher, since the probability to win is lower.
  • With "1N2" or "Over/Under" bets, you can find the odds.
  • With certain sports bets, the bookmaker can change the odds according to the circumstances and of course when the probability changes. However, the odds of your bet remain the same during the validity of the bet.

Therefore, when you stake is placed under chosen odds, it can't be changed. The amount of your profit is fixed in advance and will remain the same.

Then, make your bet by choosing the type of bet, the type of odds, but more importantly the right forecast, synonymous with victory and profit.

On, we help you find your way among the different odds but also with the different bookmakers.