How to bet online?


Choosing your bookmaker

Any person over 18 who is responsible for their actions can bet online. Online betting companies, best known as bookmakers, allow their customers to bet money on various events, most of which are sport events.

It is also possible to bet on other types of events, such as political, economical or even media-centred events.

The online betting market has experienced a remarkable progression during the last decade and has expanded over almost all European countries. Several online betting operators were created with a sole purpose: allowing millions of players to bet online securely.

Among the most reputable bookmakers on the market, we can mention Bet365, Paddy Power, William Hill and many others. These bookmakers practice their activity legally and possess licences delivered by numerous European countries.

Registering on an online betting site

The principle of online betting is very simple.

It allows you to win money by forecasting the result of a certain event. To bet online, all you need to do is choose the bookmaker that suits you most, to create an account on this online betting site and to make a deposit or credit your account so that you can bet.

After registering with the bookmaker, you can bet on any event. In order to do so, choose the event, select your stake and confirm the bet.

Opt for the bookmaker offering you high odds relating to your bet. These odds represent the opposite of the probability to win with bets made for some event.

For example, odds of 2 correspond to an event that has a 50% chance of happening. The highest the odds, the bigger your profits can be, but the smallest the probability of the event happening and vice versa.

Different types of odds exist: European odds, American odds and English odds.

How to bet on football matches

Football is without a doubt the most popular sport in the world. Sports betting sites such as Bet365, Ladbrokes, Bwin etc. offer their customers the possibility to bet online on football matches.

Participants can bet on a great number of very important football matches from several European championships (Serie A, Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, etc.) and other international competitions (FIFA World Cup, European Cup, Champions League, etc.).

howtobetonlineYou can win money by forecasting the result of a football match or even the results of certain events during the match (number of goals scored at half-time, number of yellow cards, who will score, etc.).

To bet on a football match, you need to select the match, choose the stake, confirm the bet and wait for the final result of the match.

In case your bet is right, the bookmaker will debit your account with the amount of your profits. If a match is interrupted before the end by the referee, all the bets on the final result of this match will automatically be cancelled and the gamblers' stake will be reimbursed.

To make important profits, it is recommended that you follow football news on a daily basis (match results, club rankings, names of the players, statistics, etc.), as well as the forecasts offered by certain specialised sites online.

In vogue for several years already, online betting on football matches has become an absolute passion for certain gamblers. You can vibrate by following the match results.

Every new player on a bookmaker site is granted a welcome bonus which varies depending on the online betting operator.

Tip for gamblers who are getting started: don't bet a big amount of money for your first bets.

Bets on football matches yield much more than other sports since the odds are often high.

In case your bet is incorrect, you lose the stake but always make sure your losses can never be greater than your initial stake.

If your bet is winning, you pocket a profit that is the result of your stake and represents the odds minus your stake.

You can now bet on your favourite football matches securely and confidently.