American Odds

U.S. ratings can be positive or negative. If the rating is positive or negative, it will represent two different concepts: positive scores indicate your profit for a bet of 100 euros and negative updates indicate how we must build to 100 euros profit.

Bet half - end of match

You bet on the result at half time and at the end of regulation time. For example: Do you think Inter will hold the draw at half-time against AC Milan but ultimately lose the game? So bet on X / 2 in the betting Halftime of the game and enjoy an excellent rating.

Bet Handicap

If an opponent is much higher, bookmakers often agree to lower the "advance" which is added to the actual result. For example: France-Australia handicap 0:2 (2 goals are added to Australia, France won 1-0 thanks to two goals conceded in advance the outcome of the bet is 1:2 Whoever's bet on Australia won.

Bet last minute

Placing the last minute of bets on events which are about to take place.

Bet on the podium 1-2

This system is to bet on the winner of the event and second place. After giving your prognosis and the amount of your bet, you will learn in the "opportunity" window which your earning potential is.

Bet on the podium 1-2-3

This system is to bet on the winner of the event as well as the second and third place. After giving the prognosis and the amount of your bet, you will learn in luck window "what are your chances of winning.

Bet on the second place

Who finished second? This type of betting guarantees a lot of suspense when superstar dominated discipline and the battle for the other places is still open! If you win, you get your stake multiplied by the odds bet.

Bet on the third place

You bet on who will finish third athlete in a given competition. If you win, you get your stake multiplied by the odds bet.

Bet on the winner

This allows you to bet on the winning team or player.

Bet on the winning distance

It is a wager which involves betting on the winning distance between the winner of a race and the horse in second place. The option to bet that the distance will be greater or less than a number of defined lengths of horses.


When you register you will receive a welcome bonus from most bookmakers. This bonus is a sum of money that is typically added to your account when you register. Alternatively, you may get a free bet upon registration.


A bookmaker is a company that offers bets, usually on sporting events.

Combination bet

A combined bet is a single bet on multiple selections. The selections must win for you to get a gain and the gain is the stake multiplied by the odds of each selection.


The setting is the amount of money that you wager at the beginning of each bet. Setting and ratings will help determine your winnings. Increasing your bet will allow you to increase your earnings.

Direct prognosis

The direct outcome is a bet on two starters who must finish first and second in the exact order in a given event. This type of betting is only available with a rating of departure.

English Odds

The English side or fractional dimension indicates the benefit when multiplied by the bet. For example if you bet on a winning team with a rating of 4/2 and if you bet 30 euros, your profit will be 30 x 4/2 = 60 euros.

European odds

European shelf mark gains when multiplied by the bet. This type of rating is the most used and most intuitive. For example if you bet on a winning team with a rating of 5 and if you bet 30 euros, you earn 5 x 30 = 150 euros less your bet i.e. 120 euros.

Fantasy betting

When fantasy betting, two teams compete in a virtual duel. The winner of this duel is the team that scored the most goals in a given day championship and face a real opponent. Note: Only goals scored count, victory and defeat are irrelevant. Example: Monaco played against Marseille, Bordeaux against Nantes. The fantasy bet is: Monaco -Nantes. If Monaco won 1-0 against Marseille and Nantes lost 4-2 against Bordeaux, then the bet is won by fancy Nantes 2-1.

Live Betting

The live bets are in real time. They allow you to bet during the course of the event. The odds are dynamic, you have the live chat messages on match live.


MoneyBookers is an online money transfer that allows businesses or individuals, with an email address to send and receive secure payments online in real time. Moneybookers allows you to deposit and withdraw money from bookmakers without giving your credit card number. Simply fund your Moneybookers account and transfer money to your account.


Neteller is a tool for performing online transactions. This is done through several options which are simple and safe. Your eWallet allows you to send money and make purchases at thousands of commercial sites.


The odds of a bet lets you know what would be the gain if they win. This is calculated and proposed by the bookmakers according to their estimated chance of victory or draw between the two teams. Although the odds and payoffs are the same, the odds of the bet can be expressed in three different notations.

Single bet

The single bet is to bet on a single event. This must be valid for you to get your winnings.

Special Bets

Special bets are specific to each sport. For example: If the first goal is scored? Who will be the first to stop at the booth? How many sets will be played?

Sports Betting

Sports betting is to bet money on a sporting event. There are many types of sports bets, the most simple are to bet on the winner of a sporting event. Each bet has a rating and it is what lets you know in advance, depending on the amount wagered, the amount earned if the event occurs.

System bets

A betting system is a multiple bet consisting of several bets: Single or Combined or two in some cases) on several selections. Each component Single or Combined bet betting system is called a line. There are many types of betting systems (Trixie, Yankee, Super Yankee, Heinz, Super Heinz Goliath ...), in most cases you can get the same gain if all your selections are not winning. The minimum number of winning selections to receive a gain depends on the structure of the bet you have chosen.


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