What are the terms and conditions of online betting?


Bettors have to accept certain conditions in order to bet online. Each betting site has its own rules, but there are certain points which are common to all sites. New bettors must make absolutely sure that they read and understand the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of each site before signing up to it.

Ticking a box below the terms and conditions automatically confirms your acceptance of them.

All online betting sites have their own jurisdictions according to the country of domicile of the bookmaker. You must check the laws in your country before confirming your registration.

All online betting sites are exclusively for adults. Each registrant will be asked to confirm that they are 18 or over and will be held responsible for their actions. Some online betting sites require identification (ID card, driving licence ...) to ensure that the customer is an adult.

Online betting companies have the right to change their terms at any time. Some online betting companies impose conditions for stakes and bonuses to prevent abuse.

For example, Bwin and some other bookmakers offer a welcome bonus valid for 2 months from the date of registration. It must then be placed in whole or in part on one or more bets.

Most online betting operators set minimum limits for deposits and withdrawals. At Bwin, the minimum deposit is £10 and the minimum withdrawal is £30. Bwin is unusual because the minimum withdrawal is often equal to the initial deposit with other bookmakers.

Your bets may be restricted in some cases. When your earnings go up indefinitely and your bets are successful, some online betting sites will only accept certain types of deposit and decline others, for example Bwin accepts payment by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club card), e-wallet (Neteller), bank transfer, prepaid FreeBet or cash transfer via Western Union Quick Pay.

Each client is obliged to protect the account details they have registered with each bookmaker. They also undertake not to use the name, trade name or logo of the bookmaker ... and to refrain from collecting, extracting or reproducing the content of the online betting site for use on another website.

Any breach of these rules may lead to sanctions being imposed on the relevant parties.

conditions-2Some online gambling operators such as BetClick prohibit the registration of people from countries such as Afghanistan, China, Iran, Israel, Sudan, Thailand, Turkey and the United States.

Registration requires the registrant's personal information such as name, surname, address, gender ... New customers are also required to provide their bank details. You will need to make provision for related expenses.

Additionally, the bookmakers disclaim responsibility for any delay or interruption to business or any other serious faults. Most operators do not tolerate insulting, abusive or violent behaviour which could adversely affect customers or staff.

In case of dispute, the customer must complain to the courts of their country. Any attempt at fraud will be punished by deletion of the account and a lawsuit.

The new registrant must not appear in the list of participants of a sporting event in a capacity in which they could affect the final result. Online betting companies are required to report any attempted money laundering or other illegal activity.

Finally, the bookmaker's employees can not be considered clients and therefore are not allowed to gamble online.