How to bet on tennis?


Tennis is a sport where only two outcomes are possible (victory by one or the other protagonist). It therefore offers better probabilities to be successful with your bets.

1001 Bookmakers gives you a few tips to be efficient with your forecast on the little yellow ball. 

bet successfully

Betting on tennis requires a good knowledge of the sport.

First of all, you need to identify the match you are betting on. First round, final? A Grand Slam, a third grade ATP tournament? What surface is it played on (clay, grass, indoor hard, outdoor hard)? Is there a more important tournament starting next week? Where is the tournament played? Is one of the players playing at home? Has one of the players been on a long flight to make it to this tournament?

Then, you need to look at who the players are. What is their ranking? Have they already played against each other? What is their current shape? Are they comfortable on this surface? Odds vary very quickly with tennis and they are most of the time more interesting when they are released, a moment called the “happy hour”. We advise you not to waste any time before making your analysis.

Criteria you should not neglect if you want to bet on tennis successfully are, in order of importance:

  • Surface
  • Stake of the game
  • Ranking of the players
  • Results from previous confrontations
  • Current shape
  • Physical freshness
  • Tournament location
  • Upcoming calendar

What matches should you bet on?

No tennis match is easier to forecast than another. Every round can be analysed and good valuebets can be found every day. Played on every day of the week, tennis is perfect for people who love gambling on a daily basis.

Tournaments you should avoid

A few games should be avoided: Davis Cup games for example, since mental state plays a more important role. Some players are galvanised when playing in their country, while others are completely paralysed. We also advise you to refrain from betting on “exhibition” tournaments, which are friendly matches, and on “World Championship” tournaments such as the Hopman Cup, which are generally used as early season training for tennis players who take part in them.

Top 4 most difficult events to bet on:

  • “Exhibition” tournaments
  • Hopman Cup and other “world championships”
  • Olympic Games
  • Davis Cup

Which site should you use to bet on tennis?

In order to bet on tennis successfully, you can find all our detailed match analyses on our tennis pronostic website and head to sites such as Bet365 and Sky Bet, which offer numerous bets on tennis matches. A great number of tournaments are actually broadcast on video streaming on these sites. You can therefore bet while you are watching the live game!