How to bet on rugby?


When becoming a professional sport like football, rugby was suddenly very appealing to gamblers: the matches are multiplying and the level of the teams has become quite perceptible. Betting on rugby should allow you to fill your wallet.

The analysis

When you want to bet right on rugby, one of the most important elements is the location of the match. At home, rugby players feel exhilarated and have an obligation to win. This is all the truer in the French championship (Top 14). For example, the Bayonne team, who finished 12th out of 14 for the 2011/2012 season, had lost only twice at home.

Bookmakers are, of course, aware of this principle. Therefore, they usually give very small odds to the receiving teams. In that case, you need to bet on “by what margin will team X win the match” types of bets.

It is often possible to find nice odds on this type of bet.

In order to find the correct point difference, it's up to you to stay informed on injured players and on team compositions.

The weather also plays an important role with rugby, since rain makes hand passes very difficult. A greasy playing field will please teams with a fly-half who is particularly skilled with his foot, but it will penalise players who like to throw with their hand. Rugby requires a release of physical energy that is much more important than with football. You should therefore take into account match repetitions and the possibilities of “turn-over” (when first-team players are benched), in anticipation of a European Cup match, for instance.

Rugby is also characterised by having international and championship matches played on the same weekends, which penalises teams who have a lot of players called in their national team.

The criteria your should not ignore

  • Location of the match
  • Rankings and general level of both teams
  • Team compositions
  • Current form
  • Stakes and motivation
  • Physical freshness
  • Upcoming matches
  • Weather and state of the playing field

What matches should you bet on?

Playing on the Premiership is ideal when you start betting on rugby.

Largely broadcast as well, the European Cup, also called H Cup, is interesting because the initial XV are unveiled at least one day in advance. You then have time to see if key players are absent.

Useful trick: start with European matches that involve English clubs! Then, as time passes, you will be able to go have a look at what happens in British championships or even in the Southern hemisphere with the Super 14.

Top 3 competitions you should bet on

  • Premiership
  • H Cup
  • Amlin Cup (European Challenge)

The most difficult matches to bet on

We advise you not to bet on derbies and, at first, on international matches (eg. Italy-England). In this type of event, the matches can go in any direction, because of players who are galvanised at the idea to play a match wearing their national colours.