How to bet on Football matches?


Judging by the number of players it is obvious when betting online that football is favoured over other sports, and the popularity of this sport is increasing day by day.

The question now is how to bet online on a football match? The answer is very simple, just follow the steps below:

Choose a bookmaker

Needless to say to bet online, it is necessary to gain access to a computer, register on the site of a bookmaker specializing in sports betting. There are many of them (eg Bet365, Sky Bet etc).

When you browse the bookmakers sections of your site online betting you can get a clear idea of what is available. Have a good browse then choose the ones best suited to your needs.

The new bettor can spend a bit of time on this step by visiting some of the known references to several criteria for such sites: Site sponsors (often known sports personalities) or simply on the offers and bonuses proposed. Navigate around the site to familiarise yourself with the jargon.

Choose the payment method

The next step is choosing the means of payment to credit your new account. This is essential.

Warning, a minimum amount must be deposited so you are able to start betting.

Often special offer credits will entice you to join the sites. The many payment methods are: credit cards (Visa Electron, MasterCard), bank transfers, e-wallets (Moneybookers, Neteller ...) or Diners Club, which is available through Moneybookers.

Choose the type of bet

The bet will perform naturally on football games offered by different sports bookmakers. Just simply focus on the game selected (the advice of experts on some sites are very helpful and will help you to guide your choice).

There are also several methods of bets:

The single bet and multiple bet (the odds are multiplied)

This is the method essentially based on the outcome of the match and it is put into place before the game is selected.

Always keep in mind that it is a gamble and it is therefore possible to lose, in fact it is inevitable! Bet preferably on the most likely (i.e. lower) especially if you do not have a clear idea of the two teams' involved odds.

Finally, it is safer to bet this way because if you win, your bet is multiplied by at least 2. This won't lead to the way to ruin as in riskier bets.
This method is widely used in view of its simplicity and its age (other methods of betting were invented after this).

The method "Mid time / Full time" also called "66%"

This method is as the name suggests: It predicts the outcome of the game at halftime and after the game. Thereby the bet will double the chances of winning and will then steadily decrease.
This method is very tricky (it rarely wins) but this does not preclude the chance to play in your favour and therefore deny this fact.

Live betting

This method is advantageous because it allows the bettor to take into account the parameters of the immediate action of the game. (evictions, injuries and weather conditions). You can follow the game and make quick decisions on how it will end.
The only drawback to this method is that your decision should be issued within a very short period of time and therefore leaves you very little time to think.

When you are about to make a bet, you can create your own betting method or choose one that has been the most beneficial and most reliable for you.
Indeed, there are several methods of betting but the key is to always remember that wanting to win too much, you risk losing everything. Beware of risky predictions.

Finally, and importantly, sports betting in general and football matches in particular will demand discipline (It is always best to follow the advice of experts), analysis (study of the parameters of each team: defense, attack, the location of the meeting and the list of players selected for the match).