How to bet on football?


For many football fans, betting on the most popular sport in the world, is an unmissable opportunity to try and win some money.

Nevertheless, the decision as to whether to bet on one favourite team or another still requires perfect knowledge of the bet in question, objective analysis of the data and emotional self-control.

Getting started

First, choose a bookmaker to bet with. They must have a good financial reputation and be safe, fast and reliable. Beginners should make sure that the site is absolutely free to use.

Then register on 2 or 3 different bookmakers which have different odds. This will multiply your chances of winning and you can make the most of sure bets.

Finally, make a thorough study of the proposed bet, which in this case refers to a football match chosen from a given competition. It is essential to make a thorough analysis of the teams in question, the players on the field and the stakes of the game.

Ways to bet on football

There are many different options available for betting on football:

Betting in play or live betting

This is the most recommended way of betting on football. The bettor follows the the progress of the live event, from the kick off to the final whistle and can find many betting opportunities, such as betting on the total number of goals scored, the number of corners or cards and above all the final score.

This method offers the bettor a chance to anticipate changes in the way each side plays as the game unfolds and to increase their chances of winning by adapting to them.

The Half Time / Full time method

This method consists of betting on a match in a way which reflects different outcomes in different periods of the match e.g. the half-time and full-time scores, to win, to win to nil or to lose.

The Over / Under method

This means betting on total goals, corners ... in a match: i.e. more than a certain number of goals, corners, or less than a certain number of goals or corners.

The Odd / Even goals method

Betting on whether the total number of goals in a game will be odd or even

There are other methods available to the football bettor such as the exact score, the next goal scorer or the no-score draw (bore draw).

The various leagues open to football betting

Football bettors have plenty of opportunities for betting. They can choose from a number of European and international football competitions.

These include, for example, the European Championships (Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Premier League ...), the Champions' League and the Europa League, the African Cup of Nations, as well as the most prestigious competition of all, the World Cup.

It is also possible to bet on the friendlies, the players, the transfer market ...

The different types of bets for football matches

Football offers several different types of bet suitable for beginners or for experts at sports betting.

The various characteristics of single bets, doubles, handicaps, triples ... multiplies the possibilities. You just have to make your choice.

So do it, follow these steps and bet on football!