Do some online betting sites allow bettors to place and follow bets using their mobile?


In recent years, the mobile phone has enjoyed extraordinary growth. In fact there are currently more than 62,5 million mobile phones in UK.

During the same period, its use has expanded from simply being used to make calls, to web browsing and geolocation, not to mention thousands of smartphone apps ...

We can't live without it!

Obviously sports betting has kept up with this revolution. Yes! Betting to earn money via the mobile phone has become possible nowadays.

Many sites offer the opportunity to bet in this way, including Bwin, PMU and Unibet to name but a few.

Bets made on mobile phones are generally sports bets, for example bets on football, horse racing, basketball ...

The advantages of betting via a mobile phone

In contrast to classic betting, you can bet from anywhere, your home, a bar, your car ... without constraint and without having to be near a computer.

Betting from abroad is possible if your provider allows roaming (roaming is a partnership between operators which allows their users to use their partner networks when abroad) and SMS.

  • The security of personal data is guaranteed by appropriate security systems.
  • There are many types of bet and games available such as: sports bets, poker or blackjack and roulette, and Tutti Frutti.
  • The design of smartphone apps has nothing to be ashamed of when compared to internet websites.
  • Navigation is very simple and allows bettors to make multiple and diversified bet quickly and easily.

The Bwin Mobile Betting site

Bwin offers mainly bets for sports bettors, but also many games. Nearly 3,000 bet are offered on this site. Live betting is also available on this site in its mobile version.

This site informs winning bettors by SMS just after the end of a meeting.

The Unibet Mobile Betting site

Unibet also offers a wide choice of sports bets via mobile phone.

So you can bet on several sports, including football. Betting on sports via mobile phone gives the bettor the opportunity to have a better idea of breaking news, for example to see live scores, this improves the chances of making good bets and so multiplying your winnings.

They can provide live results and follow the constantly changing statistics. The same types of bet are available as on your computer.

How to place bets on your mobile phone

Once you have mastered the different techniques used to bet online and want to bet from your mobile, you should know that you must have a GPRS or 3G compatible phone.

It is necessary to install (free) software on your phone in the same way as on a computer connected to the web.

You must have a personal account number. If this number has not already been registered, you will be signed up instantly from your smartphone, by SMS or via a PC.

A welcome bonus is assigned at registration.

Finally, choosing to bet by mobile phone offers you an extra way to entertain yourself and to win a little money too.

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