Apart from sports betting, what other gambling services are offered by bookmakers?


Every day, online betting is taking a bigger and bigger place in the life of Internet users, because of the lure of profit but also, and above all, thanks to the entertainment and enjoyment it offers.

Bookmakers consequently took into account the tastes and expectations of gamblers, who are often demanding, to offer a wide range of online bets.

Bookmakers offer an unimaginable array of bets on their sites, in order to satisfy as many players as possible and especially to win their loyalty.

Diversified and original bets

Nowadays, gamblers can not only bet on sports but also on:

  • Political events: in relation to election results for instance.
  • Economic events: stock exchange price.
  • Celebrity gossip: latest news from cinema and music stars.
  • Anything and everything: endless guessing games!

Well-known bets are more and more popular

For people who are not really football fans for instance, and who prefer games of chance, online betting sites offer a great variety of games, in order to create more enjoyment but also the ability to win money.

Among those, we have:

Casino games

Many "real" casinos have online branches, others only exist online but all of them offer Black Jack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Jackpot, etc.

Virtually all casino games can be accessed and played (some of them for free) anywhere, at any time and securely. The gaming atmosphere is comparable with the one you can find in a real casino in Las Vegas.


A major classic attracting new players every day.

Playing poker online means:

  • Having access to all possible poker games, such as Hold'em, Omaha, 5 Card Draw and 7 Card Stud as cash games, on 2, 3, 5 or 10 seat tables, N-limit, pot-limit or fixed-limit.
  • Taking part in free regular tournaments explaining different poker games to beginners, such as Sit-and-Go tournaments where 30 gamblers can play on the same table simultaneously.

Multi Table tournaments where several gamblers are playing simultaneously on several tables...

These are, in short, some of the games Internet users can play besides sports betting.

Online betting and gambling has therefore become a real industry which is not short of original ideas and knows how to continuously reinvent itself.

You should then visit online betting sites, choose a popular bet, an original bet, an insignificant bet, a funny bet, a political bet. Follow your instinct!

Our experts will regularly keep you informed with news related to bets, from the most basic to the craziest, and that's only on 1001 bookmakers!