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Betfred is one of the largest online sports betting companies in the world.

Betfred is based in the United Kingdom and is named after the company’s co-founder Fred Done.

The company was originally established as a single betting shop in the city of Salford back in 1967 and today has more than 1,350 different betting shops scattered all over the United Kingdom.

The company has now expanded into the world of online betting and has earned a reputation for offering exciting offers and great odds on a regular basis. This has helped Betfred to gain international recognition and gain a substantial number of customers around the world.

Sports betting offers

Betfred is famous for its extensive and comprehensive sports betting offers. The company offers a fantastic range of betting markets that cover both leagues and tournaments all across the world.

Betfred covers all the usual popular sports such as football and rugby as well as some more obscure sports and minor league divisions that dedicated fans are sure to love making use of. There are special sections of the site dedicated to particular sports betting options such as horse racing to make it particularly easy to find the best sports betting options for them at the touch of a button.


betfredbonusBetfred offers a number of enticing bonus offers for players to take advantage of.

All new customers are offers a free bet up to a value of £50, which allows people to test the site without forking out any of their own money. Of course, if you win then you will be able to keep all your winnings, but if you lose there is no problem because Betfred is picking up the tab.

In addition, people who deposit £5 or more into their new account will receive an extra 100% bonus of up to £50. Existing Betfred customers are also offered a range of exciting betting bonuses and details of these can be found on the website’s special promotions page.

Deposits and withdrawals

Banking with Betfred is extremely simple. All of the most popular transaction methods are available for customers to make use of and deposits can be made quickly and conveniently through payment methods such as Visa and Master card credit cards, debit cards, PalPayl, Moneybookers and popular online money wallets.

Betfred also provides all of the popular withdrawal methods and withdrawing money into your bank account is as easy as one, two, three.

Sign up

Signing up with Betfred is extremely easy and new users will be able to complete the online sign up form from the comfort of their own home. It will take just a few minutes to supply details such as your name, age, address and betting preferences, then you will be ready to start betting with Betfred.

Help is available if you need a little extra assistance and the Betfred team are available around the clock to aid and assist anyone who is unsure of what to do. The team can be contacted by phone or email and are sure to make the process even easier.

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