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Online gaming lovers, beginners or true enthusiasts, master the rules of a game like no other: responsible gaming.

Responsible gaming, what is it all about?

Responsible gaming has become a watchword and a real ethical code, respected by the great majority of online gaming sites. Venturing on online poker tables and betting on horse races or even the most anticipated matches is not without risk...

First of all, you can lose the bet you just placed, then you can lose a second bet: the gears are set in motion. You absolutely want to get your money back, so you keep on playing, confident that you will hit the jackpot. The end result is that you spent enormous amounts of money, which you couldn't afford. You have suffered a setback and you are even more determined to make up for this exorbitant loss. Your financial situation has suffered a heavy blow, but that isn't the worst: you are spending more time than you should in front of your computer screen, on a virtual racetrack, fictitious poker tables or online football pitches... Your social life is then affected.

Aren't those precisely the pathological signs of a dependence? Exactly. Let's not bury our head in the sand: gambling and games of chance can become a real drug.

Practicing responsible gaming is therefore necessary, both for gamblers and online betting sites. It consists in considering gambling as a fun and recreational moment, not as an excessive and immoderate practice used for profit-making purposes. Implementing a responsible gaming policy means foreseeing potential drifting, as well as offering an efficient structure to supervise online gaming. It means predicting the unpredictable...

How can you prevent addiction?

The most important thing is to remain in charge of your passion before your addiction becomes its master...

We are talking about a real addiction in this attractive universe of online gaming: the gambler consumes online gaming, he always wants more and more. He is never satisfied and loses control over his gaming appetite: he becomes truly dependent on those intoxicating games.

Don't let yourself be in this situation. Anticipate this possible downward spiral without further delay.

Tips on responsible betting

Here are a few tips to bet responsibly and enjoy your passion to the fullest without taking any risk with your health or your budget:

  • Before you bet: set the exact sum of money you can afford to bet from the get-go.
  • Determine this gaming amount according to your budget and your daily spending. It is then absolutely necessary to strictly respect this amount and never bet an extra penny!

Test your ability to stop

It is important to know precisely what kind of gambler lies dormant in you: determine your gaming habits and whether or not you are at risk of becoming addicted to online gaming.

If you don't manage to evaluate yourself, no worries: online betting sites offer self-evaluation tests that can help you review the situation. More specifically, you will be able to test your ability to stop in front of very attractive gaming offers.

Actions to take in case of dependence

Have you become aware of your addiction to this extremely popular universe of online gaming? Do you have problems stopping your all-consuming desire to gamble? Don't panic, you have support.

This responsible gaming policy therefore takes on its full meaning: online gaming sites developed structures to help dependent players. More precisely, it is possible to determine betting limits that you can't exceed, lock your access to gaming sites for a certain period or even block your online account. It is also possible to download software such as Cyberpatrol or Netnanny to filter your access to specific sites.

Services and help for players

You can also contact experts on gaming abuse: “responsible gaming” assistants are here to listen to you and help you.

Finally, the official Gamble Aware website is at your disposal, as well as the GamCare site.