Five Card Draw


Paradoxically, Draw Poker is best known historically, but now played the least in the world.

Description of Draw Poker

Draw poker is also known as closed poker, which means in its literal sense: closed poker. Once a classic formula poker for cowboys in westerns, it is now only found in private poker parties.

This poker game is called Draw poker because none of the cards are shown publicly. So to play draw poker is to play with chance.

Don't try to identify logic in this game ... just trust your luck.

The principle of Draw poker

In Draw poker, the aim of the game is to form the best combination with five hole cards. However, it is possible to exchange the starting hand cards to improve your game.

Draw Poker Rules

To play Draw poker, you can have between three to eight players maximum.

The number of cards in Draw poker depends on the number of players in the running: theoretically thirty two cards for four players, forty cards for five players, and increases of four cards per player, up to fifty two cards to eight players.

With regard to Draw poker updates, you have to consider two major variants: the "pot" part and the part in the "blind."

  • In the case of the part to the "pot", the most common in Draw poker, each player puts a fixed sum in advance, the same for all: this is called an ante.
  • However, in the blind version only the player on the left of the dealer must pay the initial pot. The opening is the announcement of the additional amount that is added to a set.

Consider the course of the most played variety of Draw poker: the part called the "pot".

Play of a hand in Draw poker

The distribution of the cards

Each player draws a card from the deck and whoever has the highest card is the dealer. He proceeds to give five cards to each player, one by one, starting with the person on his left in a clockwise direction.

This is when the first betting round starts.

First betting round

The player directly to the left of the dealer begins the auction. Several options are available to players. They can choose the "word", when no bet has been made in the round. By this action, he decides to turn it over to the next player, and without anything to bet.

A player also has the option to select "open" where he is the first to conduct the auction. He declares it "I open to both ..." and then places his chips in the middle of the table. Once a player has said "open" it is possible for other players:

  • Follow: the player aligns his wager on the last bid.
  • Relaunch: the player bets an amount higher than the previous one.
  • Mat: If the player does not have enough chips to bet the same as the others, he puts al his remaining cards into play.
  • Lie: the player puts the cards in the centre of the mat face down and abandon the current game.

The exchange of cards

After the first betting round, each player announces how many cards he wishes to exchange, to improve his game then places said cards face down on the carpet before distributing to see the number corresponding new cards.

In case the player does not wish to exchange his cards, he says "served". He cannot, however, share his 5 cards. He can remove up to 3 or 4 cards, according to the Draw poker variant.

The second betting round

The second round of betting follows, using the same principle as the first.

Slaughter or showdown

Those players still in contention reveal their hand. The best combination wins the pot.