Royal Hold'em


Of the family of hold'em, Royal hold'em is more elaborate than the Texas hold'em variant that offers more action, under the guise of a still more powerful game strategy. It is an ever more powerful variant of poker.

Description of Royal Hold'em

Royal Hold'em is very closely related to texas hold'em and in particular its rules of the game, so this variation alternates distributions cards and betting rounds.
The stakes are the same for all variants of classic poker, namely the small blind and the big blind.

Principle of Royal Hold'em

The goal remains the same in the traditional royal hold'em poker: to be the best combination of five cards, called hands, to win the bets of other players, also known as the pot.
Possible winning hands at the Royal Hold'em are the same as that of the conventional poker.

The rule of the game Royal Hold'em

As we mentioned earlier, the Royal Hold'em is similar to Texas Hold'em, however, there are notable differences that we will analyse.

  • The first characteristic to consider is the fact that instead of using a deck of 52 cards, the royal hold'em requires only a deck of 20 cards. In other words, to play this variation of the poker game, you keep the cards from 10 to Ace.
  • Another difference with texas hold'em to consider is: you can play Royal hold'em between 2-6 players maximum.

Apart from these two conditions, the rest of the game is played in the same way as Texas Hold'em.
In particular, the hand can be made as you like, depending on your game strategy it may or may not contain your store cards, which can be mixed with common cards.

The sequence of a game of Royal Hold'em

The distribution of the cards

The donor is the player who has the token or "button". He distributes the cards returned to each player, one by one, starting with his left.
The player directly to his left must bet the small blind. His other neighbour on the left must make the payment of the big blind.
In particular, the hand to form may be composed as you want, depending on your playing strategy. It can contain or not your pocket cards, which can be mixed with common cards.

The preflop

Players now have in hand two closed private cards that are their starting hand. It is time to make the first round of betting, which is established according to the same principles as for all variants of poker.
The round of betting begins with the player to the small blind.
They can choose between following the big blind, that is to say pay the amount thereof, or else raise, that is to say, double the bet, he can finally choose to lie or fold. The turn to speak is established according to the clockwise direction.

The flop

Once the hole cards dealt and the first round of betting is complete, the donor isolates a card from the deck, they say in the jargon of poker that "burns" the card. It then distributes the center of the table, the three cards on the flop, visible to all, that will be with hole cards of the players their optimal combination of five cards.

The result is a round of betting, the principle remains the same as mentioned for the first round of betting.

The turn

The dealer puts away a new card from the deck, and unveils a new community card: that of the turn. It is then time to proceed to a third round of betting.

The River

The donor proceeds as previously, he "burns" another card from the deck, and distributes the last open card on the table. This is the time of the last bid.


It is time for each of the remaining players to disclose publicly the combination of five cards he had. It can be composed of two private cards mixed with three community cards. You have no stress at this level.
The player who wins the pot is the one who displays the best hand.

Therefore, to further develop this more sophisticated variation, opt first for Texas hold'em online training.