The word pineapple means not only a fruit in English. It is also the name of one of the variants of poker. Here is an explanation of Pineapple Poker terms.

Overview of Pineapple Poker

Pineapple poker belongs in between the poker categories called Hold'em and Texas Hold'em, and has similarities particularly in the latter. This variant of poker is still marginal on the poker tables and is absent from the world of betting.

Pineapple poker is also known as watermelon, a fruit said to rejects its seeds. We will see why they use this name later on.

Principle of Pineapple

While the pineapple is a variant of poker, the principle of the game remains the same as traditional poker: to be the best combination of five cards.

Rules of the game of Pineapple

Close to the Irish on certain aspects, of Texas Hold'em for others, here are the basic rules of Pineapple.
You can play with up to ten players. With regard to the starting hand, each player receives three cards individually.
The major characteristic of this variant of poker which is similar to the Irish, lies in the fact that each player must part with one of his three hole cards, hence its name "watermelon" in reference to discarded seeds. However, the card itself should be discarded before the flop.

Finally, there is no obligation to use the remaining two to make your hand of five cards. Free to you and your strategy, call your hand with five cards from the table or combine your private cards with the community cards.
For the rest of the game, it follows the classic course of Texas hold'em.

How to play Pineapple poker

The distribution of the cards

The player who has the token has the role of dealer. He distributes three cards, each player starting with the player on the left, one has to play each turn in an anti-clockwise direction.
While his neighbour directly to the left must bet the small blind, the second left neighbour must play the big blind.

The preflop

The initial distribution is followed by the preflop, it is the first round of betting. It begins with the player in the small blind and continues clockwise in a conventional way.
When it is his turn to speak, each player has the choice between following the big blind, raise, or to fold. It is then for each player, according to the particularity of the Pineapple, to part with one of the three cards they own.

The flop

The dealer puts away the first card from the deck. This is called the burn. He then distributes the three cards from the flop, visible to all, that will be a combination of five cards each.
The second betting round follows using the same principle as for the first round.

The turn

The dealer 'Burns' a new card from the deck and reveals the card of the turn, which he places on the common table. This is the third round of betting.

The River

The donor isolates another card from the deck and distributes the fifth and final card on the table. Then it is time to proceed to the final round of betting.

Slaughter or showdown

It is time for each of the remaining players to reveal their hands in public.
Whoever has the best combination of five cards or private or shared (winning hands in pineapple is the same as traditional poker) wins the pot.

You will no doubt hear about the Crazy pineapple. This is a very close variant of Pineapple, but do not confuse them so far. The difference lies in the private card that must throw each of the players. In crazy pineapple you have to discard your third card after the flop, and not before as in the Pineapple version of the game.

You won't find pineapple poker games online. However, before braving the Pineapple poker tables, if you want to practice on the Internet, choose the alternative of Texas hold'em to get you started.