Omaha Hold’em


Here is a preview of one of the most famous poker variations in the world: Omaha poker, of the hold'em family.

Description of Omaha

Playing Omaha, you will be dealt four private individual cards.

This variant of poker is similar to Texas Hold'em poker to the extent that the table includes five community cards.

Omaha and its variants

Omaha can be played in several variants. The best known are the following:

  • Omaha 5, which is played with five cards.
  • Omaha high low.

According to the variant chosen, the aim of the game is different. Regarding Omaha high low, also known under the name of "Omaha hi-lo" is the reference set of best poker players.

Principle of Omaha

Given the alternatives proposed in this game, it is important before you start a game, to clarify the rules of the game.

While in Europe, Omaha says "high" is the most common, it is the "high-low" version that is on the front of the stage in the United States. The principle of it is to simultaneously create the best hand, the highest (high) and the best hand the lowest(low). The pot is then split between the players according to their high and low games.

Finally, the Omaha "high only" type, these are the highest combinations, called "high hands" who won.

The rules of Omaha Poker

As noted above, the rules of Omaha poker are broadly similar to those of texas hold'em, with a few differences. In terms of pocket cards, ie individual store cards: there are four (against two Texas hold'em).

In addition, each player must constitute the best five-card hand. He must be using two both private cards he has to combine three of the community cards.

In other words, the rules of Omaha poker do not allow to use only five cards from the table to make a hand, you must include two cards from your hand.

Playing the game

The cards

The donor is one who has the "button." It distributes starting with the player "small blind" directly to his left. Each player takes possession of four private cards.
The first round of betting begins. When it is his turn to speak, each player can decide to call, raise or fold.

The following turns are conducted in the same way as Texas Hold'em.

The flop

The dealer "burns" a card from the deck and distributes the flop: three community cards, open on the table. The second round of betting begins.

The turning

A fourth card is dealt away from the package. The dealer then reveals a card for the turn. A third round of betting takes place.

The River

A fifth card is "burned" by the client, which displays a map open to the river. It is the time of the last bid.


It is time to reveal to the other players your best five-card combination that must be formed in accordance with the rules mentioned above: two hole cards and three community cards.

Omaha poker strategies

In Omaha poker, it is important to strategically establish his starting hand. Winning hands are the same as those of traditional poker, with your starting hand, prefer the formation of a colour, a full, or a suite.

Avoid the other hands that consist of three identical cards or four different colours. Know that in Omaha poker, the two pair and three of a kind of low value, have a value lower than normal poker.
A good strategy should allow you to have the strongest hand possible in the distribution of the main river.

An example of a blow in Omaha

Here are store cards that you receive in hand: 6 of Diamonds, 7 of Diamonds, Queen of Spades, Jack of spades.

  • The flop comes: Jack, club, 5 diamonds, 4 spades
  • The turn: 8 diamonds
  • The river: 9 diamonds

The best combination you can have is the straight flush 5-6-7-8-9 of diamonds.