Double Hold'em


Prepare yourselves for the most original variant of poker, the Double hold'em, also called Double Flop Hold'em.

Discover its rules, its features and the course of the game.

Overview of Double Hold'em

Derived from the Texas hold'em, double hold'em shows relatively similar features to the other variations of poker. However, it sports more elaborate specifications: in particular, it is played with two tables.
In other words, the dealer or croupier distributes not a single line of five community cards but two tables, one below the other.

So there is twice the usual amount of open cards: a flop for the top table and flop to the lower table, a card to the upper turn and another for the lower turn. The same is true for the river.

A hand double hold'em remains however a combination of five cards among the classic combinations of poker.

Principle of Double Hold'em

We previously mentioned the feature of dual hold'em: double flop, two turn and two rivers.

The goal of this game however remains the same as that in poker: form the best five-card hand and win the tokens of the opponents.

The said pot is then divided between the two lines.

Rules of Double Hold'em

Do not panic at this unusual arrangement of two lines that are available to you. A single deck of 52 cards is required. You must compose the best five-card combination of seven, but be careful as you must consider each of the tables separately.

In other words, you must choose one of the two rows of the table to make your hand. You do not have to reveal what line it is. In addition, the line you have chosen may change during the game.

So the player with the best hand on the overhead table is declared the winner of the first line, while another winner is appointed for the second line. The pot is then shared. Sometimes, however, it happens that the same player wins two pots. When this happens, it is called the "scoop".

The sequence of a game of Double Hold'em

Distribution of the cards

Each player is dealt two cards. As is customary in traditional Texas hold'em, the neighbour directly to the left of the dealer must pay the small blind and the player to the left of the latter must bet the big blind.

The preflop

The first betting round takes place. The big blind speaks last. Each player has a choice between following the big blind, raise or fold.

Double flop

As in a game of Texas Hold'em, the dealer puts away the first card from the deck, called the "burn" and then distributes the flop of the overhead table and the flop of the lower table.
A second round of bidding follows: It has the same principle as for the conventional bets: call, raise, fold.

Double turn

The dealer "burns" a new card from the deck and distributes a double turn. A third round of betting takes place.

Double river

A fifth card is the last card to be dealt to the community board before the double gives the river. The last auction then proceeds. If the player loses the pot thanks to the river card it means he has been 'rivered'.


It's time to reveal his hand (showdown) and win the bet of one of the two tables or even both!

Example of Double blow to hold'em

To test the features of this variant of poker, here is a sample shot.

The dealers are dealt two private cards: Ace-Jack


  • Upper flop: 3-Ace-Jack
  • The lower flop: Jack-6-8

Double turn

  • Upper turn: 4
  • The lower turn: 8

Double river

  • The upper river: 3
  • The lower river: 6

The best hand you can have is a double pair of aces and a Jack.

Don't forget that to become a good player of the double hold'em, you have to gain experience. You can test your knowledge and experience your strategy by playing online with free poker software and its variants.