Crazy Pineapple


Crazy Pineapple is a fun variation of poker. It has large similarities with hold'em, offering change with more action in the game.

Overview of Crazy Pineapple

You will soon see for yourself that 'crazy pineapple' is a rather striking variation between Texas hold'em and Omaha High.

There is even a variation of pineapple poker, but be careful not to confuse the two. We will have a look later to see how to play it.
Note that crazy pineapple can be played high or it can be played low. The lowest hand wins half the pot.

The principles of Crazy Pineapple

This 'crazy' poker variation has the same purpose as poker and classic variants: win bets from other players by providing the best combination of five cards.

The possible winning hands played in crazy pineapple are much the same as winning hands in traditional poker.

Rules of Crazy Pineapple

As mentioned previously, Crazy Pineapple is very similar to Texas Hold'em and also to Omaha high. Yet here are the features that make this variant an original game.
The player is firstly dealt three cards. More cards stay in the deck, which is also known as the 'hole', which boosts the number of workable combinations playable and therefore makes the game more stimulating and it also has higher stakes.

In addition, the biggest feature of crazy pineapple is that each player must part from one of their hole cards, and just after the flop. In this sense, you must adopt an efficient and robust strategy to overcome this multiplicity and make the right conclusion when it is your turn to speak auction.

Finally, you can build your common hand as you like, meaning that you have to use your closed or not individual cards and using all common cards. You have no constraint on the form, the goal is to create the best possible hand.

Be careful not to confuse yourself with pineapple poker and crazy pineapple poker. The significant difference is the fact that with Pineapple is each player must use one of his three 'hole' cards just before the flop.

Apart from the two above-mentioned features, the crazy pineapple unfolds similarly to Texas Hold'em, alternating distribution of cards and betting rounds.

How to play Crazy Pineapple

The distribution of the cards

The dealer is the player who is in possession of the token. He distributes the cards, starting with his left, one by one, to three players in a clockwise route.
The first left hand neighbour must pay the small blind, while his second left neighbour must pay the big blind.

The preflop

Each player is then in possession of three cards. It is time to start the first betting round.
Using the same principle as for each of the variants of poker, players have to choose between backing the big blind, raise, or 'fold.' The minimum bet is equivalent to the big blind.

The flop

The dealer has to 'burn' the top card of the pack, that is to say, he isolates and reveals three of the community cards right on the flop, placed at the centre of the table.
The second betting round follows.

The turn

It is now time for each player to part with one of the three cards they own.
The dealer puts out a fresh card from the deck, and then has to distribute the turn card in the centre of the table. He will contribute in the same way as other community cards to form the hand of each player. It is then time to make the third betting round.

The River

The dealer takes the last card from the deck and then shows the fifth and final community card. This is the final betting round.


Each of the remaining players must show their hands. The player who has the best hand wins the pot.

If you begin to tire of Texas hold'em, opt for this rather unusual variant called crazy pineapple.