World series of poker


The World Series Of Poker, commonly shortened to WSOP, is a championship that has been organised every year since its creation in 1970. It is a worldwide tournament where participants of all nationalities can play against each other in the city of gambling: Las Vegas.

Around the World Series Of Poker

More than 100 different nationalities are competing during every edition and, to this day, only Antarctica has never been represented in the tournament. We can also mention that America is the most represented country in the championship. Approximately 600,000 hands are distributed during the World Series Of Poker.

The World Series Of Poker, like other prestigious poker tournaments, is transmitted live on TV by American channel ESPN, the owner of production and broadcasting rights of the tournament.

Tournament proceedings

This tournament starting in May and finishing in November gathers the best players on a global scale and is set up in 57 rounds. In order to crown its great winner, a specific tournament was organised, called the "Main Event" and played in Texas Hold'em and No Limit. Additionally, winners of each tournament organised during the WSOP gain money and bracelets, which guarantee glory and prestige for each player.

During the championship, entire days are dedicated to the Main Event and are called "Main Event Day 1", "Main Event Day 2", etc. until the final Main Event, which only gathers the best players from previous days. These 9 finalists are known during summer, after several days and several hours of competition. They play their great final in November, hence why they are called the November Nine.

To take part in the initial Main Event, all you have to do is pay the entry "buy-in" of $10,000. No specific level is required and everyone can take part, whether they are amateur or professional players. An amateur player can therefore very well be part of the November Nine and be crowned World Champion during the WSOP.

Beyond this Main Event tournament that determines the great winner, many other tournaments are organised during the World Series Of Poker and the various games can be played in Texas Hold'em, but also Omaha, Razz, Seven Card Stud, as well as many other variations of poker. Game modes are also very different: No Limit, Pot Limit, etc. All sorts of tournaments are therefore offered to players, which allows them to take part only in tournaments they are initially interested in.

World Series Of Poker attendance

In 1970, the number of people taking part in the Main Event wasn't very important, the $10,000 buy-in representing a real fortune at the time.

Nowadays, this amount doesn't seem to be that high anymore for many players. Hence, we can witness a very important increase in the number of participants at this stage of the competition.

  • In 2003, there were 839 participants in the Main Event;
  • In 2004, 2,567 people took part (i.e. 3 times as much in only a year)
  • In 2006, this number had once again significantly increased, since the total of participants reached 8,773 (i.e. 10 times more than in 2003, in only 3 years).

The attendance of WSOP has since decreased, because of the numerous bans of online poker websites in America but also in Europe.

Global attendance for this World Series Of Poker is enormous. Indeed, in 2010 there were 72,966 entries for the entire WSOP. This record attendance has also generated the highest prize pool in the whole history of the tournament: 187,109,850 dollars!