World poker tour


Established in 2002, the World Poker Tour is recognized as the largest poker tour in the world, so you can participate in different rounds of the tournament around the world.

Most rounds of the tournament held in the United States.

About the WPT

This Texas Hold'em No Limit tournament is a growing success since the various rounds of the competition are televised.

Moreover, thanks to this highly acclaimed event, poker tournaments have become an important part of television. A new feature in the television broadcast of the World Poker Tour is placing a camera to view player cards without them being viewed by other players.

Tournament information

The World Poker Tour is comprised of several events that take place in different cities around the world and attracts particularly strong Texas Hold'em players, who become real stars once they have participated in the tournament.

The different rounds of the World Poker Tour are organized over several days (usually 4 or 5). Each day, several events are scheduled including the "Main Event" and also the "Side Events" and super satellite tournaments. These tournaments provide more opportunities for you to pocket gains.

Absolutely everyone can participate in the WPT, there is no required special level, this is a tournament that attracts both professional and amateur poker plays who vie to win the prize pool.

To there are two diferent options open to those who wish to participate in this tournament, they are both open to everyone and depend only on your needs:

  • Direct buy in: pay for an entry ticket the value of which can range from 3,000 to 25,000 dollars,
  • Satellite entry: participate in a satellite tournament to win a ticket for a lower price.

The "Side Events" do not have a very high buy-in, so they are relatively accessible regardless of the poker budget which players set themselves at the beginning of the event. These tournaments can be played as Freeze outs, that is to say it is impossible to buy new chips during the game, i.e. there are no opportunities for add-ons or rebuys, or on the contrary, Rebuys, that is to say that the player can buy more chips during the game.

As in the WSOP, and only since 2008, WPT champions receive a bracelet in addition to their winnings from the game. The prestige of winning a WPT tournament is now double as bracelets prove a player's excellence beyond the value of money.

Attendance at the World Poker Tour

It was in Paris in May 2010 that the WPT recorded its best attendance for the Main Event: 247 players paid the buy-in of €10,000. It is far cry from the attendance at the World Series of Poker, but the scale and prestige of these tournaments are very different.

The future of the WPT is in danger, its survival depends on you, and when you think about it, the less players there are, the fewer opponents there are, the greater your chances of winning right? So get going, the WPT is waiting for you!