Main poker tournaments

Online poker is first and foremost about tournaments: free or paid tournaments, tournaments against players from all around the world, but it is also a door towards more prestigious tournaments, like worldwide tournaments which require a qualification or the payment of quite an important buy-in.

A big poker tournament, whatever it is, is always organised in the following manner: one "Main Event" is played in several rounds during which participants play Texas Hold'em and which determines the great winner of the tournament; as well as many other "side" tournaments which can be played in different variations (often Ohama or Stud) and allow a great number of players to be victorious.How is a poker tournament organised?

Your chances to win during this type of tournament are important. Indeed, amateur players have won those tournaments several times and what's important for you to succeed is focus, the quality of your game and the strategy you are setting up. Don't be defeatist, many beautiful things can happen to you during this type of tournament.

During those exceptional tournaments, you can win more or less important prize pools, the most enormous obviously always being the one for the Main Event. With a prize pool over 180 millions of dollars, for example, the World Series Of Poker promises strong emotions and radical life changes!

Side tournaments are also offering interesting prize pools and the bracelets you can also receive will be a testimony to your level of excellence.

On this site, we offer you a presentation of the four most prestigious poker tournaments these days, that is to say:

  • The World Series of Poker, a worldwide and famous event that has existed and known a huge success for over 50 years.
  • The World Poker Tour, worldwide event created much more recently but which is equally prestigious.
  • The European Poker Tour, created most recently but whose reputation has since exceeded the one of the World Poker Tour, it is a series of tournaments organised exclusively in Europe.
  • Freerolls.