The Continuation bet


Poker, as we have seen, is a game of strategy. So to succeed in poker and pick up bets, you need to know the strategies that you can apply. We will therefore use this article to give an explanation of an "attacking" strategy called the continuation bet.

The continuation bet, is a particularly strong move in poker because it allows you to maintain the initiative once you have gained it. This strategy thus puts you in a strong position against your opponents.

You know that in poker, "aggression" pays. The player who takes the initiative is often the one who wins at the expense of a passive player who will not win unless he is using the slow play.

Before you make on a continuation bet, you should analyse the situation with insight and lucidity, paying particular attention to the following points:

The number of opponents

The fewer opponents you have, the better your chances of success. The continuation bet is similar to a bluff, if you use it when you still have 3 or 4 opponents, there is a strong chance that one of them will have at least a little something, and in this case, the continuation bet is likely to fail.

To implement this strategy so it takes patience and skill to eliminate opponents until only one remains.

The texture of the flop

You must pay attention to cards on the table and imagine the possible combinations for the other players. If the flop has the potential to make a set, quads or other strong but rare hands, you can bet as there is very little chance that your opponents hit the flop.

On the other hand, if the flop comes with a 5 a 4 and a 3, do not bet, because this is the most dangerous combination, a straight, which is much easier to make than a set or a full.

The size of the bet

You need to make a bet that is not too different from your usual ones, not too small, not too large, so that your opponents can not see the change and understand your strategy.

The continuation bet is a profitable technique which does not require much of an initial investment. You will usually need to bet only a third of the pot, sometimes two thirds, so this is a very profitable strategy.

The positions

Although it is not essential, it is useful to have position when contemplating a continuation bet. In short, if you're in position, you get to see if your opponent checks, this is valuable information that helps you make your continuation bet with more confidence.

However, the continuation bet is a well-known strategy and it's easy to counter, particularly with the float play, it is therefore best to make your continuation bet out of position, you are perceived as being weaker and can surprise your opponents.

The nature of your opponent (s)

It is better not to make a continuation bet against an aggressive player, because they will attempt to test you and regain the initiative easily with the float play.

An aggressive player goes with their reads and did not fold easily, so there is a great risk that your continuation bet will fail and that you lose the pot and all the money you have bet.

The continuation bet is very effective against passive players, who often do not even call and raise even more rarely, preferring to fold when they think they are facing a strong hand (even if it is a bluff cleverly inspired by your continuation bet).


Once again this strategy requires caution and analysis on your part. The continuation bet is a well-known tactical move that can be easily countered, so you have to look at your opponents and the texture of the flop first.

These are the two most important considerations in a hand where we would think about using the continuation bet.

So before you continue to bet, analyze the situation!