Basic strategy concepts


Poker is a card game where the player's success does not depend solely on chance and luck in the distribution of cards. It also depends on the strategy implemented in the actual game.

You have to be a good strategist to be a good poker player.

In fact, it is necessary for you to not just know the various actions during some strategies, but also know when to use them. It is important that the player meets certain strategic principles to play good poker.

Earn Money

The first of these principles: making money.

In fact, you do not play to multiply parties and tournaments in which you participate, but to make money. So you need to carefully choose the method and parts you wish to attend in order to be focused on them and increase your chances of winning.


The second principle: play only the parts where you have a real chance of winning.

When you play Texas Hold'em, for example, you should engage yourself in the game only if your two private cards already form an interesting combination. Your chances of winning are greater if both cards are pairs (ace, king, queen, etc..). Or if you have an ace and a king or queen, or any card between two and nine (If the two cards are the same colour).

You should also understand the position you occupy in the game table to help you in the way you build and play.
All this leads us to see that poker is a game that requires learning certain rules, certain principles and training. It is for this reason that online poker sites often offer 'poker schools' which all players can participate in.

The three essential elements for success in poker are:

  • The strategy
  • Keeping cool
  • Having mental strength

In the same way that a strategy is useless in an inappropriate location, it is useless if you can't keep your composure.

The Poker face

When playing poker the strongest and most essential strategic principle is the 'Poker face', that is to say that at any time that your hand is good or bad, that will be favourable or unfavourable, you should not let anything shine through, you must keep your 'poker face', your inscrutable mask.

pokerfaceYour face and your attitude in general, must not have any signs of any emotion. Some players who are not proficient in their facial expressions or afraid not to do this, hide their faces and eyes to let any emotions show through.

This technique of 'Poker Face' actually paramount.

Of course when playing online this strategy is unnecessary because the other players can't see you anyway. When playing online, the "Poker face" comes into its own in another way: through the time you get to play the bets you make and other factors, it would be a 'Poker attitude'. But in any case, always control your emotions, reactions and the way you play.

Other strategies for winning at poker

Other very important strategies must be learned and used to put all the odds on your side.

So we decided to let you know on this site, in dedicated sections, three of the most important poker strategies: the bluff, a principle well known but not always perfectly mastered by players, the floating bet and the continuation bet, less known but really effective and useful.

In both cases, we endeavour to bring you all the information necessary to understand the strategies of the game so that you can implement the strategies and reap the rewards from your next poker game.
In order to perfect your playing technique, we also bring you information on the main errors to avoid in playing poker.

So after reading and applying all of these strategic elements, your chances of winning will be higher.