Tips to play online poker


Beyond the knowledge of poker, its rules and principles, there are other elements that come into account when we want to win at poker.
Here we give you some additional tips that could be very useful for your next online poker game.

not lose too fast and increasing your chances

The first tip we want to give you for online poker is not to start too fast in a large number of parties. Of course, offering online poker is a very rich field, you have a large number of choices and types of game to explore but don't play all the games you can possibly participate in!

It is important to choose only the game where your chances of winning are optimal.

So, first make an informed choice on the game you want to play, and once that is done, do not play your hands if you have real chances of winning the pot at the end. If your hand is bad and the flop does not offer good prospects, lie, do not play the game and wait for a better hand to go after a shot.

To win, you must master three essential elements:

The probabilities

Worry, no need to be good at mathematics! It is just necessary to know the real value of the cards and the arithmetic potential to improve your hands. You will initially assess the number of cards remaining to which you will improve your play.


The bluff is not only the art of lying, that would be too simple! The good bluffer is also a fine psychologist, a discreet observer and skilled concealer. A user sparingly for maximum efficiency.


A little is good, a lot is better...

A bit of strategy

To win at poker, the important thing is to play strategically. If you play in a conventional manner, without using any special techniques of game specific, without bluffing, your chances of winning are not optimized.

It is important that you develop at the same time as your knowledge of poker, You must employ some significant strategic capacity to overcome your opponents. You must surprise them, a passive player never wins (unless he does it voluntarily and that they use the "slow play").

You retain some basic strategic principles, as does studying your position in the game, but also the number of opponents who oppose you. Once you have these first elements of analysis in mind, you need to think about playing technique that will prove the most rewarding and profitable for you.

You have to think quickly and effectively to create a strategy that will put you in a position of strength over your opponents.

Here are some basic tips to follow for the development of your strategy.

  • You can play all your hands, but you will never win. Statistically, only 15 to 20% of the hands should be played.
  • Having a good starting hand is a big advantage. With a pair of aces, kings, queens or two cards Ace + King, he must enter the shot by raising. Do not get enthusiastic with an ace or a figure card + low card: this is a weak combination that would be wise not to play.
  • The best time to leave a shot is before or just after the flop if it did not bring anything to your hand because at this point, your losses will not be very important.
  • Raise with a good hand, checker with a medium hand, this is the basic principle of a table of beginners.

A bit of psychology

pokerfacePoker is a game of a lot of techniques and strategies, but it is also a game where you need a lot of mental strength. Indeed, one of the most important principles if you want to have a good chance to win your online poker game is to not show any of your emotions. It's called having a "Poker face".

Finally, you have to play with some consistency so that your opponents cannot guess your game. In the same way, you should analyse how to play your opponents to try to discover what they have in their head and especially in the hands.

A little common sense

Poker is a lot of analysis and common sense, both to understand the game and your opponent's strategy for developing your own playing technique.
Common sense when you play online poker, it is also to only play in good conditions. In fact, when playing online, it is very easy to get distracted by the outside world, yet it is important to be focused in order to exercise good sense and analytical skills.

Be patient and do not quickly challenge high-level players. Do not aim too high, too fast! Progress slowly.
Note your wins and losses. The impressions that we keep are not always good. Finally, remember that the money you put in the pot is no longer yours. Do not attempt to retrieve it at all costs!

Compliance with label

The label is the way to behave when playing at an online poker table. It is very important because if you have good behaviour, the game will only get better.
And respect for the label, you must follow these principles: never ask to see a losing hand of an opponent, respect a player eliminate. Don't apologize for winning a hand and you do not interfere in the game of other people if you are lying. Practise Fair play!

The objective of a poker game online is to have a good time, to lose a minimum amount of money if you fail to win and ensure that the party does not stop too quickly for you. Poker is and should remain a game. Just a game. Have fun playing it!