How to play online poker?


There is nothing complicated about playing online poker. You have to proceed step by step and we chose to help you along every step of the way in order to simplify your start in online poker, which will be a great adventure.

Choosing a poker room

You don't need to rush into anything when choosing a poker room. Take your time to look at what different websites have to offer.

Even if the supply of games is broadly similar to an online poker room different elements may vary and make a real difference for you. So take the time to visit a few sites that have caught your attention in order to analyse them.

The points that you should consider during your visit are:

  • the quality of the website (in terms of navigation and usability)
  • the quality of game's software
  • game offers proposed (does the site offer all the variants you want? Does it have all the types of tournaments you wish to attend?)
  • bonus offers available (which can vary greatly from site to site)
  • security established by the site for you and the safety of your bank details
  • aid and technical assistance provided by the site in case of problems

Carefully consider these factors, take the time to compare or read the comparison, classification and opinions, to choose your online poker room.

Sign up

Once your choice is made, you must register. This is easier and faster with forms that collect personal data. Registration is required to play online.

Select the type of game

Once you are registered and your player account is credited, you must choose the type of game you want to play. Depending on the chosen site, the offer will be more or less lucrative and playability more or less important.

For example you can choose to play:

In Rush Poker

A fast version of poker in which you quickly confront a large number of players, each hand is played at a different table and if you fold you automatically change table.

In ante games

The game is played like a normal game but with extra motivation, antes posted prior to the distribution of earnings, which will automatically add up the pot if you win.

In re-buy tournaments

You have the opportunity to buy more chips if you lost your carpet. The purchase of these new chips is done only during the 'rebuy period' between two strokes.

Capped in parts

Close games No Limit or Pot Limit, the capped games are played the same way, except that once the ceiling is reached, all players remaining in hand are considered all-in and then go up at the end of the game.

These four types of games are just examples of many possible types of games, which are explained with details on the sites concerned.

Online poker software can perform a precise selection of the part you want to play, by applying various filters in your research. Variant, the type of game, game modes, the buy-in are all characteristics that you have to think about to optimize your game.

If you make a reasoned and logical choice, in accordance to your level and skills, you have even more chances to win your game.

Starting a game

Once you have established your research and find the part that suits you best, you can register and start your game at the specified time, whether it is a scheduled tournament, or just when you register if a live tournament that requires, to start, a number of players.

In this part, you will need to choose your bets, depending on your game and the analysis you made to that of your opponents. Do not forget to think hard and only bet if your chances of winning are optimal.