Beginners Guide


What you need to know to start poker

When you are new to online poker, there are some points that are important to know.
You can not get started in the great adventure of online poker without a minimum of aids and explanations about this particular universe, which is why we offer a real poker guide that will greatly facilitate your entry into the world of the game and a passion for the cards.

Firstly, we consider it best to make a point about poker in general, to go back to its origins to understand what makes this game what it is today, which is to say that is certainly the best known card game and the one which is most played around the world, with friends or professionally in tournaments.

What is poker?

Thus in our article "What is poker?", we go back to the basics you need to know about the game, namely: a little history, general principles for understanding the rules of the game and finally the object of the game.

These are all explained in a clear and detailed way so you can integrate the information right from the start of your next card game.

Hands of poker

To perfect your poker knowledge, we have also decided to dedicate an entire article to the "Hands of poker". This article perfectly complements the aforementioned one, by providing a detailed explanation of two of the key principles of the game: the value of the cards and the possible combinations.

Through this article you will know what cards can help you to win and above all, how to use them to do so.

Online Poker

This section on poker is cleverly complemented by a section on online poker because this is what really interests us. Nevertheless, it is useful to speak of and understand the real form, before moving to the virtual game.

This article on "online poker" will bring you information about the principles of the online game, its evolution, the use of gaming software, all this to get you better acquainted with this new environment and help you get off to a good start in online poker.

How to play online poker?

There is nothing particularly complicated about playing online poker. Just take it step by step and we'll be at your side every step of the way to make it easer for you to get started on the great adventure of online poker.


We also give you tips for playing online poker and winning at online poker.
From the choice of poker room to the mental strength that poker demands, via the choice of a type of game and compliance with label, we give you in this article, all the tools to fit your game enjoyable as well as profitable.

This poker guide is a great help for you. Read it carefully and in no time you'll be a poker pro!