Poker Glossary


Action Player

This is a player who plays a lot of hands and raises often.

Active Player

Is used to refer to an active player, as opposed to a passive player who does not play his shots.


To use up all your chips in the current game.

Ante (or chip)

Small amount of chips put into the pot before the cards are dealt. An ante is an entry to be able to play. It is usually used in Stud games. To increase the interest of a party, the antes are sometimes added to the blinds.

The button

A marker to let people know the position of the dealer.


Cards whose value is less than 5.


Action of following (usually in early position), and then re-raise after another player has raised.

Bad Beat

When a favourite hand is beaten by a weaker hand.

Bad Beat Jackpot

In most casinos and circles (and on some websites) jackpot shared by the players when a very strong hand is beaten by another very strong hand. Conditions to reach the jackpot vary places (sometimes a straight flush beating a square, other times full house beat by a square as, etc.).


The financial capital of a player.

Best Hand

The best hand, which logically will win the pot.


English word meaning to place a bet.

Blind Bet

Bet according to its position and not its cards.

Bet Half the Pot

Bet up to half the pot.

Bet Into

Bet to think that the hand has a greater value than its actual value.

Bet the Pot

Launch a bet equal to the pot.


Nickname of the smallest straight, A 2 3 4 5. (Sometimes called 'the wheel').

Big Blind

This is the mandatory bet required of the player to the left of the small blind.

Big slick

One of the nicknames starting hand A-K.


These are forced bets required by the two players left of the dealer.

Blocking bet

Getting the most often performed at the river, when there is no position and an average game. Using a small amount, is primarily intended to scare the opponent to dissuade focus more (which occur most often if you check out of position instead of focusing).


Technique of raising with a hand that cannot win unless the other players fold.


Another word for table. It is composed of five community cards: Flop, Turn and River.


Special token tabled player who distributes the cards during the coup.


Nickname Max straight A K Q J 10.

Burn a card

To remove an undisclosed to prevent any potential cheating.


In a tournament, when there is more than one player to leave before getting to the money.

Buy In

Admission fee to participate in a tournament.

Buy the Pot

Using the technique of bluffing with a big raise.

Closed or private cards (pocket card)

Cards visible only by the player who received it.

Free Card

When there is no bid before returning a card.

Open card or common

Cards visible to all players. It can be used by all players to achieve the best possible combination.


In a tournament, the moment where there is more than one player to get out.

Cash game

Part where we play with chips representing real money. The dealer will exchange the money deposited on the table by all players against chips. The player is free to stay or leave a cash game table at any time.


Do not bet when it is your turn, retaining the ability to move or raise if a player bets before the betting round. This is possible as long as neither player has bet in the whole. The player says "Check".

Check Raise

Check with the intention of raising the betting round.

Chip Leader

Player with the highest number of chips in a tournament.

Community Card

Community cards, those on the table.

Continuation Bet

Recovery made by the player having already re-launched in the previous betting round..

Dead Hand

Hand ruled out suddenly, due to cheating.


To distribute cards.


The one who deals out the cards.

Drawing Dead

Literally "drawing dead." Hope to hit a draw while the opponent has a game anyway (example: stay in the hand with a flush draw when the opponent has already received a full or flop.


Update of the player who can then open, call or raise.

Family Pot

A shot by at least 5 players on the flop.

Fast Game

A game with one or more raises in each betting round.

Fast Player

Aggressive player.

Fifth Street

Fifth community card, also known as River or River.

First Position

Be left of the dealer.


Refers to an inexperienced player, committing manifest errors and from whom it is easy to extract tokens or money.


Technique of paying a bluff bet on the flop with a marginal hand and position, in the hope that the bettor has made a "continuation bet" and lies down easily at the turn after a consistent.


In a casino or a circle, naming the person supervising the tables, taking decisions regarding the conduct of the game and settling disputes.


The first three community cards.


Five cards of the same colour.

Flush Draw

Four cards of the same colour.


Lie down, putting down your cards and not wanting to continue in the game.

Fourth Street

The fourth card which is dealt, also known as turn.


Tournament where the entry fee (buy-in) is free.

Freeze Out

Tournament where players have the same number of starting chips.

Full Table

Hold'em table with 9 or 10 players.


Player who does not have a strategy.


A hand.

Head to Head

Confrontation between two players.


Duel between two players.


The highest card of the hand that is not part of the combination. The kicker determines the winner in case of a tie combination.

Lay down

To Lay down your cards of a good hand hoping to get a better hand for the opposition.

Limp in

Follow instead of raising when you have a good hand.


The player's cards.


Best hand possible.

On the rush

Being in a good period.

On tilt

Play too risky in anger.

Open Poker

Poker games that use community cards.


A card that will improve his hand.

Out of position

Do not be the last to speak.


Top card table cards.


Top pair with the highest card on the flop.


Two cards of the same value.




The position you occupy in relation to the donor, it can be high, middle or low.


It is the sum of the bets from all players.

Pot Odds

Amount of the pot divided by setting the player what must stay in the game.




Amount in addition to the buy-in and allows for additional chips.


Raise after you have already been raised.


To buy a small amount of chips after the action called the buy-in.


Action is to build more than the previous auction.


All five board cards.


Period of good luck.


Tournament which gives access to a larger tournament.

Lie (or fold)

Drop the shot making his cards without disclosure.


It literally means "see" but also known as "follow".


Raise with a hand that is not the best but can improve.


Set composed of a pair and a third card of the same rank from the community cards.


Showing your cards at the end of the game.

Slaughter (or showdown)

Last stage of stroke or the players reveal their two hole cards.

Slow Play

Slow playing


This action is to bid at the big blind or the highest bid.

Table (or board)

Set of five community cards.


All tokens a player laid in front of him and visible to all.


Sign unintentionally emitted by a player in a situation of stress.


The four table cards.

Value Bet

Bet when the recovery will be followed by players with a weaker hand.


Name given to Texas Hold'em in France.