What is the SharkScope?


You have practice world poker for some time, but you still do not know what SharkScope is you regularly hear about? You know it's a way for you to increase your profitability poker, but you do not know if this is legal? You do not know either how to use it?

We decided to devote an article to this tool designed to play poker in the best conditions possible for the best gains.

The Principle of the Sharkscope

The SharkScope is a database of results of various tournaments organized by online poker sites such as PartyPoker, Everest Poker, etc.. You'll understand the SharkScope is directly linked with the most important, largest and busiest poker sites.

This tool gives you statistical information about tournaments and also about your opponents so that you put all the chances on your side to pocket the gains. During a "Sit & Go" tournament use the SharkScope, it will help you to find out the best way to play. It is also for this type of tournament that SharkScope is most effective.

How to use it?

This database can be used in different ways.
You can just run a simple search, as you would in a search engine, or you can do a lot more in-depth research on some players. The SharkScope provides graphs to observe the recent results of the players concerned, these graphics can also trace the history of their return on investment, their profits raised on the online poker site, losses, and other statistics that will help you develop a complete profile of your opponents.

Beyond these graphs and statistics that are available, the SharkScope offers videos on its learning site which allows you to optimize your use of the site. Indeed, in these videos, all elements of the tool are explained and allow for a full understanding of its operation.

The SharkScope also offers poker videos, through its blog SharkScopers. On the latter, you can also find news about SharkScope and more generally about poker.

The disadvantages

A drawback of Sharkscope is that you can only perform five searches per day for free. If you want to do more (within a limit of 150 per day), you must subscribe for $ 15 a month and pay $ 9 for 200 searches. All this can quickly have a significance, if you do not moderate your use of SharkScope.
However, there will be a great advantage, as thanks to the analysis, the statistics issued by the Sharkscope can cover these expenses. This can be described as strategic spending!

Another disadvantage of the SharkScope is that people playing poker have not requested that their statistics are in a database and are available to view by everyone. Some players complain that their statistics are made public.

Also SharkScope offers to hide statistics. They make a small payment which is subsequently reimbursed.


The SharkScope is not a database of data espionage of players but a tool of legal analysis to help you improve your chances in poker. It allows you to play a part in the awareness of a certain number of elements that can influence a game.

In any tournament or event like football or rugby, teams know their opponents, their playing qualities, their weak points, and other details ... so why not poker?