What are the disadvantages of online poker?


Would you like to know why we recommend you to play online? Would you like a comprehensive view of what online poker consists of with all the pros and cons highlighted? Are you apprehensive of starting to play online because certain points worry you?

Initially on this site, we decided to give you all the keys for you to understand online poker, including the disadvantages it may have. Therefore, in this section we have chosen to highlight the disadvantages of online poker that shed light on these and to bring you, at the same time, solutions to mitigate or cancel.

The addiction

Playing poker online is good because you can play at any time and from anywhere. However, it is necessary to be cautious in practice that we have online poker.
Indeed, playing too often can lead to addiction. It is therefore necessary to set limits in terms of playing time and the amount of money invested. You take responsibility by setting such limits. You have to control your passion of the game and not be controlled by it.

With all this control and the limits that we must impose you will need to have mental strength, to be cool and calm enough to say "no" and "stop". It is therefore recommended to avoid playing when you are going through periods of stress or when you are in a period of grief.

For more fun and less risk, you have to play when you are in a good psychological disposition. It may be necessary to create a vacuum in everyday life. After all, poker is entertainment, it's just a game so like with all games it should be focused only on this and you should forget the hassles that prevent your entertainment.

Not seeing your opponents

For some, the major drawback of online poker is that they do not see their opponents and are unable to see their reactions and attitudes during a game.

Indeed, the attitudes of the players can say a lot about the game he has and then give a different twist to the game. This is an element that can be missing when playing online, alone with your computer. To overcome this lack and succeed in obtaining information on the game of your opponent, you have to be very attentive to his style of play, to build, analyse the speed at which he plays, which may indicate some confidence (and therefore a good game ) or otherwise of anxiety (and therefore a weak hand).

Maybe in the future online poker software will offer the opportunity to observe the players through webcams, as is already the case with the online casino software, but in the meantime it is up to you find alternative methods of analysis to try to understand what cards your opponents have in their hands.

The tracking

Online poker conceals disadvantages that do not include poker in real poker rooms.

As a practical example, when you play online, everything is computerized, stored, and databases like SharkScope can help find a trace of your game, and in fact, it is an analytical tool more powerful than the simple observation of that of the players around a table in a real room.

This is annoying for you since other players can know everything about your past experiences. In real life, it is very difficult, if not impossible in some cases, to know the experience of playing an opponent.
This aspect is a minor inconvenience since your past experience belongs to the past and your current game may have changed. Your playing technique may have improved, your strategies could be different, and your past statistics would reveal not as much to your opponents.

When you play online poker it is best to be constantly changing, to cover the tracks of your opponents.