How can players deposit and withdraw funds from online poker sites?


Are you new to poker and unfamiliar with the payment methods used to make deposits? Do you have doubts about the reliability of online payments and would you like to be reassured? Do you want to know how the potential winnings for online poker will be paid?

Then read this article to find the to answers to all your questions regarding online poker payment methods.

Online pokers, offer a variety of means for reliable and secure payment to make both deposits for withdrawals. The various sites accept different payment methods and some prefer not to say favour one in particular.

We will therefore offer some guidelines regarding the main forms of payments on online poker sites. First let us discuss common or traditional methods.

Bank transfer

For deposits and for withdrawals, bank transfer is a reliable and secure method of payment, during which of which your bank details are encrypted and protected.
To qualify for this payment method, simply provide your bank details to the online poker site concerned. How long it actually takes for the payment to be made will depend on your bank.

The bank cheque

Some online poker site have continued to support more traditional methods of payment and offer you the option to receive your winnings by cheque in your letterbox along with your traditional letters.
The cheque is sent to you by regular or express mail per your request, so the delivery may take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

With major advances in technology and in particular the Internet, online payment is now possible thanks to interfaces which are specially designed for this purpose, some examples of this growing supply payment sector include.


This is a completely secure method of payment, which will allow you to make deposits easily and in the greatest security possible.

It's easy to use Click2Pay, just create a personal account on their site and then use your personal password when you want to make a deposit on an online poker site.


This is one of the market leaders in electronic payments.

With Moneybookers you can manage your online financial transactions safely. Your e-card allows you to make all your desired payments even if your bank is blocking transfers made to online gaming sites.

Moneybookers is regulated by the FSA, which makes it a safe payment method.

One of the big advantages of Moneybookers compared to bank transfer or bank draft, is the time it takes for the operation, with this payment method there is no delay, the operation is instantaneous! In addition, the cost of the financial transaction is very low (1%).


This is a specialist payment method for gaming sites and especially on poker sites.

It is a reliable and secure site which has a long-established reputation. In direct partnership with some poker rooms, NETeller allows poker players to manage their money easily by using a Master Card. NETeller is very convenient.
Debits and credits are made using the card or through your NETeller account, are both quick and cheap (1.75%).

With NETeller, you can also make payments abroad.

Internet payment methods are becoming ever more numerous and their offerings are very similar, it is up to you to decide which offer is really best suited to your needs as a player.

One thing is certain, regardless of the payment method you choose, stay alert and choose a payment method only if it is completely safe and reliable.

When choosing your method of withdrawal or deposit, you also need to be aware of the time needed to complete a transaction, for example if it is important for you to get paid quickly when you win, it is preferable to use an electronic payment method rather than a bank cheque.