Can we living out with online poker?


Can we make a living out of online poker? That is a question many fans of the famous card game must ask themselves. And the answer is not easy because it depends on several factors that should not be dismissed.

It is important to first ask: what do we mean by "live poker"? Is live totally and exclusively meriting on its gains in luxury and wealth, or "live poker" as a means of making some extra cash?

When taking part in gambling like poker, sports betting or racing bets, it is important not to set the bar too high.

Indeed, only a minority of the population manages to make a living out of poker. Most players use it as a leisure facility and see poker as an opportunity to make some extra money in their bank account.

Poker Professionals

Only professional players can live on their poker winnings. They usually live an ordinary and sometimes luxurious life. It is quite hard to achieve financial stability when you are receiving random and irregular sums of money.

In addition, to become a professional poker player is not as simple as it looks. As in football, not everyone turn professional. Certain qualities are required to achieve this goal.

Skills of professional poker player:

  1. Firstly, it is important to have some innate talent for poker and to have good intuitions about this card game. It is also important to have a keen sense of deduction. But these latter elements are the basis of what it takes to be a professional player and what is expected to play live poker. Indeed, it is very important to work and develop your skills and start using the game analysis, statistics and raises.
  2. On the other hand, it is also very important to know and learn to practice game strategies such as bluff, floating or the continuation bet. It is therefore very important to have a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of poker if you want to become a professional player.


Another very important point if you want to become a professional player and play live poker is not to forget that poker is primarily a game.
Indeed, it is essential, when you play a game of money whatever it is, not to be devoured by the passion of the game. Poker is just entertainment, not real life, and when we made the choice to live by and for poker, the risk of falling into addiction are even higher. However, there is less danger for a professional player to become "addicted".

Addiction makes players lose the awareness of players who always want more: more thrills, more and more money, more and more victories.

In the end, all this may cause more losses than gains with significant risk taken during parties, "I play all out" which may cause significant difficulties to repay debts thereafter when poker takes over your life.


Becoming a professional player implies a significant mental strength, talent and also learning. It is a goal to reach all those who really want and work their predisposition and passion to make a nice way to make ends meet.

The best way to become a professional who earns a good living is, first, practice and practice again, with friends or on the Internet.

It is important not to lose sight that this is a card game that requires strategy and not only depends on the random distribution of cards. It is therefore important to fully integrate these strategies, keep a cool head and not to aim too high.

Poker players who win millions do exist, but they are very rare. However, poker playing which ensures you a second income is possible.