Strategies at Jacks or Better


An important piece of information

This type of version offers players the possibility to complement their intuition with a little strategy, in order to optimise profits.

This idea is often discarded, as the cards are kept or given back according to only one element: intuition. Not taking into account the strategic element of the game reduces the chances of profits. Each hand therefore benefits from an operational mode that you can predict since the concept is virtual. Since there are no opponents, bluff is non-existent.

Users can therefore devise a strategy based on concrete elements.

Two solutions are offered to the players

  1. They can acquire a guide and keep it with them during a session, this is authorised. The only drawback lies in the slowness of the process. The player has to stop their game constantly to discover the next step.
  2. Users also have the opportunity to analyse a simple strategy, in order to get familiar with video poker.

A simple strategy

This method relies on a concept that offers an investment return of about 99.46%.

It is used by the greatest, including betting genius Michael Shackleford.

Here is the rating for the best hands (transparent cards are the ones you need to give back):

Situation 1

Four of a Kind


Straight Flush


Royal Flush


Situation 2

Four-Card Royal Flush


Situation 3

Three of a Kind






Full House


Situation 4

Four-Card Straight Flush


Situation 5

Two pair


Situation 6

High-ranking pair


Situation 7

Three-Card Royal Flush


Situation 8

Four cards of the same suit


Situation 9

Low-ranking pair


Situation 10

Four-Card Outside Straight


Situation 11

Two assorted High cards


Situation 12

Three-Card Straight Flush


Situation 13

Two non-assorted High cards


Situation 14

A 10 with assorted J, Q or K


Situation 15

A High card


Situation 16

Give everything back


Some precisions to understand the hierarchy above

  • High cards and pairs are Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks.
  • Low-ranking pairs contain two cards between 2 and 10.
  • A so-called Outside Straight has the opportunity to be completed on the left or on the right. A 5 6 7 8 hand can receive a 9 and a 4.
  • A so-called Inside Straight must be completed in the center. The A K Q 10 only requires a J.

Tip: As the chances to have a Royal Flush are extremely small, situations 2 and 7 should not be neglected.

Example of a hand

With a 3C JC 5C QC 3H, the player can create the following situations:

  • 8, by keeping the 4 suits.
  • 9, by keeping the low-ranking pair.
  • 11, by keeping the similar high cards.

With this strategy, suits have a strong value and it is therefore wise to get rid of the 3 of Hearts. Sometimes, you should forget about intuition and only follow this procedure, in order to increase your chances or profits, all the while taking into account these tips:

  • Do not keep a Straight or a simple Flush, except if they are high-ranking.
  • With a Four-Card Royal Flush, try and pick a new card to get the complete Royal Flush.
  • Insert the maximum credit.
  • Give back a high card complementing a pair.
  • A High Pair should not be broken, unless you have a Four-Card Straight Flush or a Four-Card Royal Flush.
  • Between Flush and Straight, it is wise to choose a Flush.