Strategies at Jacks or Better

An important piece of information

This type of version offers players the possibility to complement their intuition with a little strategy, in order to optimise profits.

This idea is often discarded, as the cards are kept or given back according to only one element: intuition. Not taking into account the strategic element of the game reduces the chances of profits. Each hand therefore benefits from an operational mode that you can predict since the concept is virtual. Since there are no opponents, bluff is non-existent.

Tips to play video poker

Watching a game on the long run

Video poker is a unique game, as it is one of the only games offering such a high redistribution rate.

However, the player does not automatically get their bet back, even when they use the 9/6 version. Their wallet can follow a trend with unfavourable periods. It is therefore necessary to watch a game on the long run, since the different fluctuations are balanced in the end and the result meets the expectations.