The return on machines


The main goal is to select the machine offering the most interesting return. The latter is valued according to the profits generated by a Straight or a Full House for a credit you bet.

A machine offering a return of 9/6 means that the Full House yields 9 units and the Straight offers 6 units for one credit. Conversely, a machine showcasing a return of 8/5 indicates a Full House of 8 units and a Straight of 5 units.

The difference between those returns is relatively small, but this gap has a certain importance.

 The expectations of profits are different for a 9/6 (99.5%) and for a 8/5 (97.3%). The second possibility indicates a bet of funds spent much faster (6 times).

Machines present in airports or shopping arcades should be avoided, as the returns are smaller.


For twelve hours of game, the player bets the maximum credit on a machine offering one euro. The spending is:

  • 40 euros for a 9/6
  • 240 euros for a 8/5

The different payments

Short-pay is used for machines offering small payments. Full-pay consequently means the opposite.

Returns for Jacks or Better are often:

  • 9/6
  • 8/5
  • 7/5
  • 6/5

If the return is even smaller, the wallet is becoming considerably more empty.

The redistribution rate

It is also different depending on the type of machine.

The best percentage is attributed to the Deuces Wild, with 100.8%: it therefore represents a full-pay. Conversely, the Deuces Wild in short-pay offers 94.3%.

In the middle, you can find the Double Bonus 9/6, with 99.5%. The Jacks or Better are below.