The Multi-Game


This version is met with great interest, as a hand offers you the possibility to play several rounds.

This type of game requires experience, as the concept is really different from other machines. The habits you formed should also be banned, as the visuals are different.

The “Triple Play” option allows players to use three hands simultaneously. It is available on Deuces Wild or even Jacks or Better versions. After you select the game on the screen, the game is starting.

The player's capital will tend to find a certain balance thanks to this option. The results are therefore not different, but the chances to get a Royal Flush are much more important. You need to count around 30 hours of playing instead of 80.

Proceedings of the Triple Play

  • Five cards are dealt to the player
  • They need to choose the one(s) they want to keep or give back
  • The cards they kept are thus displayed in three hands
  • The player presses the Draw button
  • The machine distributes new cards to complement the hands
  • The winning hands get a prize

This type of system mostly creates two scenarios:

  • A hand is winning and the other two lose
  • Two hands are winning and the other one loses

The drawbacks of Triple Play

The funds you bet tend to be spent more quickly (at least 3 times). For example, the player will therefore have to bet 15 euros if they wish to play on the three rows. This system also works with a multitude of hands.

Some casinos thus offer 10, 50 and even 100 hands simultaneously.