Progressive machines


The opportunity to get a more important jackpot

When analysing the different video poker machines present within the casino, the player can very well stop on a progressive machine.

Those offering a fixed jackpot are called Flat Top and the return for a Straight is always the same.

Conversely, so-called progressive machines have a pot that increases according to the bets placed by the users. It is therefore calculated thanks to a percentage applied on each coin inserted in the machine.

As long as the Royal Flush hasn't been obtained, the jackpot keeps on getting bigger, all the while attracting numerous players.

The returns increase with the progressive system

Progressive machines do not increase the chances to get a Royal Flush, but the returns are better.

The game is therefore likely to turn to the player's advantage, especially when the jackpot increases.

Within establishments, this type of functioning is mainly attributed to machines offering a smaller profit, such as those offering a return of 7/5. In that case, the player should rather head towards a so-called Flat Top machine.