Principle of the game


A specific concept

Video poker was created to meet the expectations of a wide range of players. The latter tend to describe it as a game somewhere between poker and slot machines.

This idea is verified in particular when you have a closer look at its principle, which highlights differences when it comes to both universes. Internet users will have access, with this guide, to a parallel study aimed at comparing poker and video poker.


As a whole, video poker is very similar to so-called traditional slot machines.

In a casino, both universes therefore easily exist together in the same space. Their appearance is identical, with a slot where you can insert notes, coins or chips. A container is present, to withdraw profits, and a reader is there for die-hard players who have a membership card.


Video poker tends to appeal to players' intelligence and particularly their acumen. Users who appreciate poker have greater chances to make profits, especially when they master the rules.

The machine is consequently not managed by a button or a stick and the player has total freedom when it comes to the direction of the game.

The concept of video poker

The player can choose the machine on which they wish to play and the type of cards. Each version consequently has a specific payment method, which allows users to find the one that matches their expectations.

Slot machines require the presence of a number generator, which influences the number of combinations in a random way. It is also present with video poker, since it is how the 5 cards are dealt when starting a game. The evolution of this generator is entirely connected to the decisions made by the player.

This universe creates perfect harmony between reflexion and skills, while leaving a certain freedom to the user.

Choosing your machine

The result is influenced by the choices made by the player. As for the profits, they depend on which machine you choose. It is therefore interesting to know which one offers an optimal rate beforehand, in order to maximise your chances of profits.

We advise you to get familiar with the “Types of machines” section, to select the best one.