How to play?


Internet users who wish to get started with the Video Poker adventure would be well-advised to read this section carefully.

This game is present in the same rooms as slot machines in most cases and the machine also accepts notes transformed into credit. It is therefore not necessary to insert coins, since all you need to do is push the button to bet with the present credits.

The method to BET

Machines accept between one and five coins simultaneously. The bet can thus be increased for each spin. This is also a way to increase the amount you win.

The machine displays certain elements for the coins and some of them offer the possibility to use several types (£1, £2, £0.50, etc.). The maximum credit can be triggered after you push the “Bet Max” button. Players who wish to play fewer coins can use the “Bet One” button, and they can choose to bet one, two, three or four credits.

The maximum bet also allows you to hit the jackpot with a Royal Flush, an element you should keep in mind.

Make the pleasure last by keeping money as long as possible

The best configuration with video poker is the Royal Flush, but the combination occurs only once in every 40,000 spin. This consequently requires some patience. Statistics show that you should play during 80 hours to manage to get a Royal Flush. Beginners would also be well-advised to head towards machines offering the opportunity to bet £0,10 or £0,20. This is a way to manage your budget in an optimal manner.

For this type of machines, it is recommended that you have a betting capital of at least £1,000. The machines requiring a euro have a betting capital of nearly 5,000 euros. It is however possible to lower these figures, but the chances to win the Royal Flush are smaller.

An hour allows players to play around 500 hands and the wallet can therefore go through serious changes during a session.

A single goal: the best combination of cards

Once the credit is inserted in the machine, the player must push the “Deal” button and the computer will deal five cards in a random way. At this point, the similarities with closed poker are quite important. Five buttons are available:

  • One for each card
  • Keep the game

Three options are then available for the combination:

  • Keep the cards
  • Give the cards back
  • Keep some cards and give others back

Generally, winning hands are automatically highlighted on the screen as soon as the first five cards are dealt. This is an important piece of information, since it allows you to estimate potential profits and to steer your future decisions. The machine also offers suggestions and payments are attributed according to the same ranking as with classic poker.

When you choose to give a card back, the computer automatically replaces it with another one, which is picked from the remaining 47. Without an opponent, the main goal is to have the most interesting hand in a single game.

The new card is then dealt after you have pushed the “Deal/Draw” button. The player can however cancel a decision by pushing the “Hold” button.

Machines are used thousands of times and buttons can therefore be faulty. This may seem banal, but a wrong manipulation can make you lose a potential profit, that is sometimes considerable.

Scooping the benefits

In case of profits, the machine releases coins or credits in the container. This depends on the version. As soon as the hand is done, the player can push the “Deal/Draw” button once more, to start a new game.

When the game is over, the “Cash Out” button allows you to collect the entirety of the profits. Some machines print a ticket that you simply have to exchange at the cashier.