Difference between poker and video poker


Having notions of poker can prove to be a wise decision, as video poker is similar to the so-called closed version. When the player receives the five cards dealt thanks to the number generator, they can choose the change they wish to make on their hand.

The concept may seem identical, but differences however exist between the two universes.

Video poker offers users the opportunity to play against a computer and this remains a virtual exchange.

Main differences:

  • The stress element is non-existent, the player can play calmly, at their own pace.
  • Bluff is not present, the player can't trick the machine.
  • Losses do not exceed the bet credited in the machine. The player manages their budget easily.
  • The value of the cards is different and the Ace is not the strongest. The payments are the same for three Aces and three 4s.
  • Video poker is operational immediately, while traditional poker requires a certain number of players around the table.
  • The player does not have to guess their opponents' cards, they just need to create combinations to win.
  • Video poker turns the Royal Flush into a very interesting hand. With a machine requiring only £1, a player can win at least 4,000 coins. In traditional poker, this hand does not offer the opportunity to win more than the so-called normal pot (around £50).
  • Some hands immediately generate a profit at each round. Conversely, when playing traditional poker, the Royal Flush can still take over a Full House.

Interest for video poker

This type of game is largely appreciated, but you can wonder what is the reason behind this interest. The latter is quite strong, particularly thanks to the house advantage, which is very appealing. It becomes all the more important when the player masters the rules, as well as basic strategies.

The strategies section gathers all the necessary knowledge to optimise your chances of profit. This data, combined with an appropriate machine, can help generate important profits.

Relaxation is also a concept that should not be neglected. With traditional poker, the croupier and the opponents can set a certain pace, which can prove to be exhausting after a few minutes.

The atmosphere of video poker is much less stressful than around a table. There is consequently no intimidation or harassment that could influence your morale and nerves. The player can play calmly, depending on their desires. The concept is also different, it is an efficient way to use the knowledge of poker in another environment than the one of casino tables.