Principle of the game

A specific concept

Video poker was created to meet the expectations of a wide range of players. The latter tend to describe it as a game somewhere between poker and slot machines.

This idea is verified in particular when you have a closer look at its principle, which highlights differences when it comes to both universes. Internet users will have access, with this guide, to a parallel study aimed at comparing poker and video poker.

Difference between poker and video poker

Having notions of poker can prove to be a wise decision, as video poker is similar to the so-called closed version. When the player receives the five cards dealt thanks to the number generator, they can choose the change they wish to make on their hand.

The concept may seem identical, but differences however exist between the two universes.

How to play?

Internet users who wish to get started with the Video Poker adventure would be well-advised to read this section carefully.

This game is present in the same rooms as slot machines in most cases and the machine also accepts notes transformed into credit. It is therefore not necessary to insert coins, since all you need to do is push the button to bet with the present credits.