Video poker

This type of game appeared in casinos around the 1970s and it was immediately met with great interest, becoming the area of expertise of some users. The latter therefore turned video poker into an essential system within casinos. It offers another universe, since the financial dimension is much more important.

Nowadays, the interest for the game is the same, with some die-hard players easily comparing it to crack, as it has revolutionised the sector of slot machines in a few years.

video poker

Getting Started

Generally, concepts relying on a part of chance still require a certain attention and great precision, as caution is necessary. This rule does not apply to video poker though, as it is one of the very few systems that are aimed at all types of players and especially beginners.

People who appreciate the universe of casinos will undoubtedly love this type of game.

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types machines video poker

Types of machines

The category ‘Types of machines’ concerns the basic information you need to know different video poker machines.

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We gives you more general tips, in order to play video poker well, in a section about strategies you can use.

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Video poker was created to meet the expectations of a wide range of players. The latter tend to describe it as a game somewhere between poker and slot machines.