Reading the pay table


Preparation is beneficial

The place of the table is always the same, as the latter is situated above the machines, in the upper section.

You should look at it attentively, to know the details of the redistribution rate for each of the combinations. Before you start a game, it is therefore important to know several criteria, such as the required number of coins, the winning combinations, etc.

Generally, slot machines which offer important profits are those with reels displaying the greatest number of symbols.

  • Traditional machines have twenty symbols and thus offer the possibility to access over 8,000 combinations. Players have one chance out of 8,000 to win the jackpot.
  • Probabilities decrease notably with a machine with four reels, which generates one chance out of 160,000 to win.
  • On machines displaying a screen with 5 reels, the user has one chance out of 3 millions to hit the jackpot.

It is therefore important to be aware of the fact that the number of reels has an influence on the combinations.

This does not spoil the level of interest. With three reels, the jackpot tends to be won more often, but the amounts are more important with five reels.

It is therefore difficult to state whether a machine is more interesting than another. In any case, casinos keep a margin for themselves that is more much beneficial than what the player is winning.