Choosing a betting unit


The importance of the redistribution rate

In a casino, the slot machine is unique since the odds are influenced by the stake. The other games do not have this type of functioning and the payments are determined according to the machine.

Each establishment presents a specific rate and some can offer up to 97% on certain machines. It is also important to pay attention and make sure you understand, as the rate can be applied only on one machine or on two.

Generally, the rate that is applied is 93%, but it is impossible to know which machine offers the highest rate beforehand.

Example of a game

  • A machine applies a rate of 95% with a bet of £1.
  • A second machine offers 90% with a credit of £0,50.

The second machine proves to be more advantageous, even though the rate is smaller. Indeed, the player played with a small amount and therefore they lose less money.

A player uses 5 coins for a single spin:

  • The machine paying 95% with a bet of one euro generates a loss of £0,25.
  • The one offering 90% with a credit of 50 cents generates a loss of £0,025.

A method to lose money quickly

Machines offering bets on several lines tend to be loved, but the losses are considerable.

A player pays £2.25 for a game with a maximum of 45 credits. Other machines accept the double of this amount, with 90 credits generating a bet of £4.50. Even the machines using the smallest amounts present a maximum of 300 coins. In that case, it is also possible to lose money quickly.

It is therefore recommended to play on a classic machine with reasonable bets, as this type of multi-bet concept generates rather important losses and the probabilities to win are limited.