Progressive machines


Individual or common jackpot

Within casinos, users can notice the presence of a network called Carousel, or Bank. It gathers all progressive machines, where the money collected allows the jackpot to get bigger. The total amount is generally displayed high up on a light screen.

In this type of situation, the system is similar to that of a lottery. The jackpot can be calculated in two ways:

  • On several machines in the casino.
  • On different machines within several casinos, as is the case with the Megabucks. The latter takes into account all the bets placed in Nevada.

Calculating the jackpot

The method is very simple: a certain percentage is applied on each bet that is placed. The total makes up the jackpot, which has a tendency to grow quickly when the number of players is important.

The player must therefore ponder over the advantages provided by this type of machines. Those who wish to win modest amounts have the possibility to get a higher probability on so-called classic machines. Conversely, players wishing to win the most important jackpot should head towards progressive machines.

You should know, however, that while the profit is indeed impressive, the chances to win it are extremely small.